30 Days Late

Here we go.

Three months and here we go.

This is the first piece of any kind I’m writing in three months. Congratulations are in order, I think.

Now, what to write…

Should I write about not writing? Lol. Done that way too often at this point. I’ve found so many different ways of doing that now. Even as of starting this, I knew how I would do it if I would do it… But I won’t.

So what is this about then, if it isn’t about not-writing or why?

This shall be my 30 Days Of Hope entry.

In an ideal world, I would have practiced what I preached and gone first on the first of January before opening the floor to others. But no, I was drained and I chose to procrastinate till the end of the month. That was two months ago.

Three months into the year and I’m finally putting down what I want to accomplish this year. To be quite honest, the reason it’s taken this long is cos I’m still not sure what any of that is. But as the saying goes, “a failure to plan is a plan to fail”. I don’t want to go on coasting. So lemme lay down a pattern for going forward, no matter how sketchy.

I need to conquer at least two new countries this year. Three would be great. I ’suffer’ from wanderlust and I started with my ‘two new countries (minimum) a year’ plan in 2013. Last year, I managed to do just one, though I also managed a road trip within Nigeria. Couldn’t afford the second country due to the impromptu art project I embarked on (more on that soon). This year, I’ve already embarked on a road trip with this awesome travel collective I joined and I hope to share some of those experiences on here. However, I still plan to do two new countries this year. Three would be awesome, to make up for last year. Now, to figure out how…

Last year, I staged an exhibition. It was a greatly fulfilling project… for the most part. This year, I have no idea how I can possibly pull it off, but I hope to release a publication of some sort. Okay, a book. This is awfully ambitious but definitely possible. What kind of book, I don’t yet know. How? I haven’t the slightest idea. When? Haha. also want to do a deliberate art project. Definitely another exhibition to go along with it. Man, I almost feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot here. Sigh. Oh well…

Career wise, something has got to give. I’m itching for a change and there are several variables here. It could be a change in position, a change in location or a change in resolution. I’ve worked my butt off these last three years and especially these last three months. Something has just got to give. Hmm, We’ll see…

My walk with Christ has been rather lame these last few years. A few weeks ago, I made a step in the general direction of correcting the limp. It’s something I’ve been avoiding for years now but I finally ran out of excuses. I no longer had any reason to run. It was time to give in and so I did. My prayer is that it pays off. Lol, like it has a choice.

This year shall be great. In many ramifications. For me, for you, for all of us. It doesn’t matter what the first quarter has been like. Easy peasy, rough or tough… E go sha better.

In the end, e go better.


5 comments on “30 Days Late

  1. buqie says:

    Nice one.

    May your dreams come true.

    E must to better o.


  2. Lia says:



  3. A says:

    One (deliberate) step at a time. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Doesn’t matter what it is, have the right attitude, lay the foundation on Christ, have faith, work hard and go for it. Recipe for a successful soup pot me thinks…


  4. Nedoux says:

    I’m inspired by the hope and positive vibe in this post, thank you.

    Knowing smile @ “correcting the limp” 🙂


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