Dark 2: Lo

So here I am, 6am on the 2nd day of the 2016 feeling incredibly nostalgic as I get into Murtala Mohammed. My heart literally doing back flips in unrestrained excitement as I walk into the dust filled dryness… Gosh, I have missed you, missed your heat, the inexplicable way I just feel love just by being in your presence. Truth is, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to be home. I know I must have embarrassed the heck outta my friend as my excited hug nearly tipped him over in the presence of security and onlookers. Sigh… they won’t understand.

I am truly excited about 2016, I just somehow know that this is my year, the year that I truly start to come into my own and I am excited! I have been truly blessed in 2015 and I know that it was only God that brought my family and I through.

My God’s got me. As I work towards being the best version of myself (in every aspect of my life) this year with my ever-present help by my side, the sky will be my beginning (and I pray the same for everyone reading this).

I see opportunities unfolding right before my eyes and I am humbled. I just pray for the spirit of discernment, wisdom and the grace to follow through.

I pray that for everyone reading this, that with divine help from God, each and every one of you will come into your own, spiritually, physically, in your career, emotionally, God’s light will shine in and through your lives, and you shall be as a lighthouse that brings people out of the darkness into His safe place.

2016, I am ready for you, you WILL be BEAUTIFUL.


Lo is one of the most beautiful women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. It gives me great honour to have her embark on this journey year after year. And to see each year work out beautifully in her favour…

As this year would with you.

4 comments on “Dark 2: Lo

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  2. Temitoria says:

    Enjoyed this… Rubbing my palms for mine


    • Lo says:

      Thank God!

      In the midst of the turmoil, instability and unrest, God’s children will find peace. I hold on to this Mantra and I pray it would be the same for you and yours too… Happy New Year hun!


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