Day 2: Coco

Faith Over Hope

Happy New Year, everyone!

I already shared a major part of my hopes and goals for this year on my blog (very shameless plug :p). I’m hoping that at the end of the year, possibly with help from amazing people such as yourself, I will have accomplished all that I set out to do. So, why am I here apart from to solicit readers? I’ll jump right in.

I read as many end of year reviews as I could last year and most them just made me really uncomfortable. I had a tough year, but it was nothing compared to what I learned some people went through. Even on twitter, people were thanking God “for just surviving the year”.

Last year, prayer worked wonders for me. This might be the point where some of you begin to argue about how much you’ve prayed as well, but I’m not here to discuss how much you’ve prayed. I’m here to encourage you not to give up. The clouds are heavy with your blessings, and there will be a downpouring.

This year, I’m focusing more on prayer and faith than on hope. So, for everyone reading this and for everyone connected to you, this is my prayer this year:

  • That you will find rest. You will reap your harvest this year. You will not work tirelessly in vain.
  • You will be satisfied. Everything you do, you will do excellently. You will never fail.
  • This will be your year of going from glory to glory. You shall rise higher and higher. You will soar like an eagle. You shall rise above your peers. Your competitors shall not see your back.
  • This year, you shall live in a plane of health. You will live in a realm of wealth. You will live in the realm of prosperity.
  • This year, your head will not reject your crown. Your bum bum will not reject your throne. Your spirit will not reject your helpers.
  • This year, you will accelerate. You will overtake. You shall move upwards.
  • This year, bad news shall be far from you. The cackles of the wicked will be far from your tabernacle. The plans of the wicked shall not come near you.
  • This year, death will not know your address. Death will not visit your children. Death will not visit your family.
  • This year, you shall be fruitful! Whatever you lay your hands to do shall prosper.
  • This year, you will be empowered! You have power over sin. You have power over your enemies. You have power over serpents and scorpions. You will live in strength.
  • This year, there will be no abortion in your life. There will be no miscarriage in your life. You will be pregnant with testimonies and you shall deliver.
  • This year, you will arrive at your destination. You will arrive at the place of your testimony. No power will cut short your progress.

I find decrees like this work best when spoken as words of affirmation daily. You may look yourself in the mirror and speak them to yourself before you go out every morning, or personalise them and speak them into your life during prayer or at random – I do both.

I pray that you find unspeakable joy this year in everything you do and in every situation you find yourself. I pray that you have a reason to smile every day and a reason to give thanks every night before you go to bed. And even when you feel like you are about to hit the ground, and even if you do manage to fall, I pray that you find the strength to get back up and keep going.

Coco took the selfless route and blessed you with her entry. I feel like she deserves to be blessed too.

This year, Coco, fulfillment shall be yours every step of the way. Your heart shall know only peace and your mind shall know no trouble. Your faith shall remain unshakeable. You will be favoured in the eyes of every person you come in contact with. Have a mighty blessed 2016.



9 comments on “Day 2: Coco

  1. Dear Coco,

    I pray all your dreams come true this year. God’s favour and mercy won’t depart from you this new year. Good Health, peace of mind, wealth, divine patience will be yours this year. Amen.


  2. A resounding Amen to the editor’s prayers!


  3. Thank you, Tokunbo. Amen and Amen and Amen :*


  4. Abiola says:

    Amen! Coco may you also be blessed with all Spiritual blessings in heavenly places and may your part continue to shine bright….


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  6. KerryTosan says:

    Amen! Have a Sweet 2016!!


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  8. […] this year started, I was very optimistic about how it would go. Last year ended on such a high note, I really couldn’t foresee anything […]


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