Day 4: Jite

I decided in December last year (doesn’t it feel good to say ‘last year’ in reference to 2015?) to start doing whatever it was I planned to do in 2016 before the year ends. Reason is I don’t do well with finishing things I start or want to start. Works better if I just dive in.

I already took forms for a personal pension savings plan and will be paying the first installment tomorrow. I already reactivated one of my accounts which will be home for short term savings.

Losing 10kg and getting back my flat abs mean I have to eat healthy and be on some kind of diet. I have no idea what that means but I have started eating more vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water, cutting down on my sugar intake (*wails*) and making sure I don’t eat after 7pm (sigh). I’m learning the things that make me fail and slowly correcting them.

Mind my business more – literally and figuratively.

I moved into a new apartment last week, so I have to locate the nearest parish and get involved immediately, no dillydallying. Join the lay readers association and see how it goes from there.

Towards the end of 2015, I was told by a few friends that I handle emotional affairs with too much logic. Apparently the seeming ease with which I walk away from romantic entanglements is a cause for concern. I don’t even know where to start from with this. I want to say I’ll do something about it in 2016, but what? I’ll just say I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

I turn thirty this year! I’ve been excited about this since I was twenty five. I had intended to mark the big day in another country but our naira is not helping my economy, so I’ll do something else just for me. I have a list of gifts I want to give myself, plenty pampering and fun stuff, just by myself.

Psalm 103. Because God speaks to us with His Word that is already in us. Taking my walk with God one day at a time because lofty promises and plans do not work; knowing I’ll stumble and I’ll fall and it’s okay and I just need to get back up and keep moving.

I wrote a really short story a few days ago and committed myself to sending stories to a lovely literary blog; my fiction will get some love.

Started an adventure with a good friend of mine; she’s a finisher so we make a good team.

I am excited about this year and I’m not afraid or worried about meeting my goals. I’ll end with something I shared on Facebook.

Lol. I just saw a cartoon depicting 2015 as a capsizing boat and a family moving into a different boat. Why this is funny? Because if I keep the analogy, 2015 isn’t just going to disappear from sight, under the waters of life, it’s floating in the distance, worse for the wear, but definitely not capsizing.

The way we’re treating the year now, and it’s less than 12 hours we left it, it’d look like 2015 didn’t do anything for us.

2016 builds on 2015. There’s no new slate, no do-over. It’s an extension. If you messed up 2015, there’s a chance, like an addict with a bad habit that you won’t do better in 2016. *insert appropriate motivational message (turning your mess into message etc etc)*

You need to do the actual work to see some actual changes.

2015 was good to me (even with all the wahala), I’d stay in it if I could but we have to move on. I’ll miss you 2015. I’ll look back at you with fond memories. I won’t forget you. xoxo

Hey 2016, let’s go kick some ass.


I finally met Jite late last year. I think we’ve been blog fam for 3yrs now after we connected on TNC. It’s always refreshing to read how she hopes the new year turns out for her. This is the 3rd time she’s doing this here. Talk about consistency.

2 comments on “Day 4: Jite

  1. Temitoria says:

    Happy new year🎈 Yeah! you get a balloon to soar high as you want. ✌i can’t find the fingers crossed emoji anyways… Enjoy your 2016😀


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