Day 8: Afoma

2015 was quite an interesting year. I set really big goals and while achieving them, found myself in battles I had no idea how to fight. I literally had to live each day by faith, trusting God, Staying strong, sometimes breaking down but getting it together again and just forging ahead. Somehow it worked, I ended the year victorious and of course in a pool of tears (of joy). However, the thing about battles is that it reveals your character (both good and bad).

So this year, I’m working on some of those “kinks” I saw in me last year. No lofty plans, just focusing on one at a time, taking it slow. The power is in the consistency. I have laid out a monthly plan that breaks down into daily routines, with books I need to read and I have 2 accountability partners who have been given permission (not that they need it anyway) to call me out anytime, anywhere. Like every change, it will be tough and slow but I’m not backing down; I’m not staying the same. Sometimes you get caught up in the whole “What of folks that have known me to be this way for years, will they believe the change?” phase. Tbh, I’m past that; they will be fine, I don’t care.  I have given myself permission to change and that’s all that counts.

I kinda started having honest conversations with God last year; like if I’m scared, I tell him something like “Father, I’m scared. I’m not even going to front; this challenge I’m facing terrifies me, but then again I know You own the whole world, nothing shocks you, You love me and You got this even if it doesn’t feel like it. You got this! ….”.  My closeness with God has got to be improved this year; spend more time with God, not just talking to Him but actually listening to hear His heart and building up my faith bank with the Word. Stepping up soul winning; why would I want to enjoy a loving relationship with God alone? Plus my life has got to count, I can’t be a weist!

I’m going back to volunteering as a teen mentor, its such a privilege to mentor another human being and the inner joy and fulfilment I get in return is what I would not trade for anything.

I’m graduating this year; this is a major milestone in my life and I really cannot wait to have time to myself and just live! I have always loved Power Engineering and academics but after this Master’s degree, I’m taking a break to live my life, biko.

This is to a 2016 that is already shaping up to be amazing, wonderful and the best year I have had… YET.

Afoma’s take breathes with a sense of honesty I find admirable. No frills, no thrills, just a whole bunch of sayin’-it-as-it-is. From your lips to God’s ears, Afoma. And multiple Amens.

2 comments on “Day 8: Afoma

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  2. Hi Afoma, I’m rooting for you.
    God’s got you.


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