Dusk 11: Aidee

Happy Birthday Aidee!

When I think upon Your goodness
And Your Faithfulness each day
Im convinced its not because I am worthy
To receive the kind of love that You give
But Im grateful for Your mercy
And Im grateful for Your grace…

Imela, imela…
Thank You my King!


I hope to keep this short and sweet.

2015 started on a good note and ended on an amazing note. 2016 has continued on that amazing note and I know it can only get more amazing.

In a couple of weeks, I get joined in holy matrimony to my best friend, partner in Christ, lover… I get new parents, new siblings in addition to the ones I already have (totally wild!). – I hope I’ll be a good wife, daughter and sister.

I hope/pray for divine health.

I hope to let my light so shine before men that they might see my good works and glorify my Father in heaven.

I hope for great personal growth and development. I hope to learn the discipline to do the things I need to do to get where God is taking me.

I hope to be a better friend, better person. To be kind. To let my light shine.

I hope to eat cake, lots of cake. To smile. To laugh. To cry tears of joy. To have lots of happy moments.

I hope to have faith, always. To continue being hopeful! To always remember to give thanks.

I hope to celebrate many more birthdays, sing more songs of thanks, love God more.

Here’s to an amazing 2016!

May we never lose hope.

May we never lose the gift of faith.

Very Many Happy Returns, Aidee. The new life you are about to live shall be filled with good things. Your husband shall ceaselessly be a blessing unto you and call you blessed. Your home shall shine constantly with the brightness that is hope.



2 comments on “Dusk 11: Aidee

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  2. Ola’s prayers are just apt and I join with an Amen.
    Bless your heart Aidee! Congratulations!

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