Day 13: Kathy

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to take stock of our lives but I am clueless, in a fog, bollixed, spaced out. I had totally forgotten I was supposed to send in my entry and when I remembered, I said screw it. I was scared. Scared that writing it down would “jinx” it but hey, who fear don epp?

Last year, health wise, I was a mess. I felt I wouldn’t see the New Year but God had other plans for me. This year I plan to be healthy. I am tired of battling with issues I felt would either kill me or make me useless for the rest of my life. Issues I am still not comfortable discussing. I plan to take my health seriously. Exercise more. #Random, It’s not just twitter. Last year I got the best medical help from a doctor on twitter. God bless her kind heart.

I got my dream job last year but this year, I intend to take up a side hustle. One can’t really rely on what you get paid. I love cooking; hopefully I can make it earn me money. I have also always wanted to be a radio host but I have been shy. Finally overcame my shyness and sent out my CV to a broadcasting house. Fingers crossed. (By the way, if there is anybody who knows anybody looking for people to act, maybe in a web series, hook a sister up). I also intend to sell more medical equipment. If you need any, any at all, ask a sister. man must wack.

I was on the prowl last year, the year of #seizethebae. I really wanted bae. Maybe I was too desperate or just unlucky but see ehn, I loved and lost. Ever fell in love with someone who didn’t even know you existed? No?? Well, me neither. Lol. This year, I am not even stressing myself. If he comes, good. If he doesn’t, still good. At least loneliness hasn’t been known to kill anybody.

I have the best support system. Friends who have seen me cry, seen me at my lowest, held my hands and had my back when I thought things were never going to be fine. This year, I intend to appreciate them more. I know I am not the best when it comes to keeping in touch, I know I have this bad habit of replying messages in my head instead of actually typing them out but hey, I promise to change. It’s going to be a gradual process but I know you guys will always be there for me. Thank you for everything. I am also presently making new friends, I really hope I don’t mess that up.

This year I want to deepen my relationship with God. Yes I go to mass, yes I attend charismatic renewal meetings but it isn’t enough. I want to fall in love with him all over again. I want to stop seeking the face of God only when I have a problem. I want to always be in constant communication with him.

I want to travel more. I want to save more.

This year, hopefully the book thingy works out. I know I have been lazy about it. P.S: Lade if you are reading this, I promise to change.

This isn’t all, I know I have forgotten some things, but I intend to go forth and pursue my dreams and not let short term failures deter me. I intend to find my inner strength and remain grounded amid the storms of fate. Like an ancient tree, I will bend with the wind and not break. As Johann Wolfing van Goethe once said “character is best forged in the strong billows of the world”. I will remember to enjoy the journey and be patient. As the ancient Chinese proverb stated “be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.


“Are you olatoxic?”

“Me? No o. Who or what is that sef?”

“Well, I’m Kathy Esan. I wrote on #30DaysOfHope last year.”

“Ooooohh… Hi. I’m olatoxic o”

And that’s how I met Kathy last December – in dramatic fashion. And how she signed up for this year’s exercise – in person. Which I think is really dope. If you’ve got a radio gig, a cooking assignment or medical equipment to purchase, holla at her and be a part of granting her a fulfilling 2016. You might just find it fulfilling.


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