Dark 15: Tobi

I didn’t want to have any plans or goals for this year, because “what if?”
But towards the end of the last day of 2015 I had to. Because…
He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I ask or think… So 2016 here I come:

This is the year I go all out….
On my walk with God
On my relationship with my family; nuclear and extended
On my relationship with my friends;
No I won’t be afraid to say no and draw boundaries where necessary,
But I will reach out more…

This year I will read all the books I have bought and hopefully stop going on a book shopping spree(lol)

This year I will go all out on my dreams…
That blog; yes I said it!! I will work on it.
I will pick up my pen and paper (literally) and start writing again.
I will take extra courses…
I will send in those applications without second guessing myself anymore.

This year I will save more (please say amen).
To achieve that, however, I will need to learn how to be financial savvy (English) but hey, I got a plan…

This year… haven’t got it all figured out, but I am excited and a bit scared about the unknown,
But that is where faith comes in, yeah?

So my anthems for this year are:
Oceans by Hillsong
The Voyage by Amanda Cook


And it came to pass that one year later, Tobi looked back and realised that all that she had prayed for and aspired to had seen fruition. And she was thankful.

3 comments on “Dark 15: Tobi

  1. Tobi says:

    Thanks @Olatoxic!
    I will remember these words
    “These words shall be my legacy. The man I am now and the man I was when I am the man I shall be….”

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  2. Jade says:

    Love the song ‘Oceans’…. a prayer I try to say everyday


  3. KerryTosan says:

    Amen! Have a sweet 2016..


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