Dusk 15: Temitope

🎶Happy birthday to me🎶

Wow! I know at the time of writing this, it wasn’t my birthday yet but I know this would be posted on the 15th which happens to be my day. Well, well, God has been good and life has been a journey.*as usual* Last year did I have a party? *thinking* Yeah I had a little party with my fellow corps members at the time and I was the first ever to do such.*Talk about leaving a landmark*

Which brings me to the realization of one thing, 2015 was a good year! *It feels good to use ‘was’ in a 2015 sentence*

It was exciting at the beginning as I was looking forward to going back to Anambra state, my place of posting. I was really blessed with the people there especially the corps members that made life bearable in the ‘village life’ of Anambra. It was my first of such experience. *as we seldom travel to my hometown to have a proper idea of the village life*  It was real village life and I’m glad I made the best out of it. I handled a lot of responsibilities throughout my stay there, from the beginning to the end. I grew up spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. I gloriously finished my service year, October 2015.

In 2015, I realized how bad my country needs God’s intervention. A lot is wrong with our system and we need help!

I finished my second book with the help of amazing friends and started the third one.

I learned gratitude. “Be grateful in whatever situation you find yourself, some people envy your not enough” -©Temitoria2016

I was also blessed with my present job which I’m growing to love.
Relationships were forged in 2015 but some didn’t last the year, I believe it was better that way. For others, it was worth every single trial and fight, of which I’m glad.

Here are my wishes for 2016. *Believing in my mind that candles would be placed on my cake🙈*

In 2016, I hope to:
*Grow more spiritually. Its an unending progress.
* Officially start my baby project, Unashamed People
*Finish my third book and get my work to a publisher. Its high time!
*Make my website a .com. Which became possible few days ago. Visit temitoria.com show me some love.
*Believe more in myself. I really want to.
*Advance educationally. Maybe Masters.
*Reconcile broken relationships. I hope to mend with some people this year.
*Grow my own business which is currently running.
*Write my love story with my true lover. Uhmm… My gigs know what this means😉
*Take life easy. ‘Jeje’ this year jare.
So help me God, Amen!

Lol. I feel like my hand is being forced here… But I’ve got no qualms with saying very Many Happy Returns, Temitope. I hope this new (birth) year brings all that you hope and dream, written and unwritten, to fruition. Flourish!

4 comments on “Dusk 15: Temitope

  1. Temitoria says:

    Thank you Olatoxic! 😀


  2. 4evaphoenix says:

    Happy birthday. *hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tobi says:

    Happy birthday Temitope!!!
    Cheers to an amazing year!!

    Liked by 1 person

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