Day 16: Avril

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of The 2016 show. On today’s show, we have Aunty Avril, who is going to be telling us her aspirations and plans for 2016…

Host: Hi! How are you doing today?

Avril: I’m fine, thank you.
Host: Happy to be here?
Avril: Oh yes, I am. It’s a pleasure to be on the show.
Host: So, tell us. What was your first thought of the year? We’d like to think that could be an important indication of how the year might turn out.
Avril: Well, I’m not sure what it was exactly but I do remember chilling for the midnight review to drop and trying to win the giveaway. That didn’t work out so well but we thank the Lord.
Host: Do you think that could mean this year would be a year of close calls?
Avril: Nah. I don’t think so. I don’t expect everything to work out but this year should be amazing.
Host: Wow. You seem very confident.
Avril: Indeed, I am. I’m finally coming into my own person. I have virtually everything I need, a wonderful family, awesome friends and good health to boot. What more could I ask for?
Host: Great. So, tell us more. What exactly would you like to achieve this year?
Avril: Where do I start from? A lot of things. I expect to see improvements in virtually every area of my life.
Host: Do enlighten us.
Avril: Alright. First of all, I want to be healthier. So, I plan to start and hopefully stay on the paleo diet. I’ve heard good things about it. I also plan to exercise and meditate everyday, if possible. I’m not a fitness freak but there’s something gratifying about taking care of your body. Hospital bills are expensive, yunno?
Host: We know lol.
Avril: And I’m finally in my final year of school and though, the journey has been tough, I’m really thrilled about final year -and not because I’m leaving. I have gotten to that point where I can say I know most of the tricks of my profession. So, I’m no longer just learning the ropes. I can finally start adding value, maybe even delve into research… we’ll see how it goes.
Host: Rumour has it that you have a new blog. How do you plan to juggle both – studying and blogging?
Avril: I think the fact that I even started the blog is enough fulfillment. I’ve been procrastinating for ages… lol. I’m currently running a reading project there, so that should help streamline things. I’ll try to update it frequently during weekends or school breaks. I want to see a tremendous improvement in my writing this year. So, having a blog would definitely be helpful.
Host: Still on the topic of new, we hear you have a new twitter account too *gasp*
Avril: Lol. I’m surprised too that I actually opened it. I’ve gotten very comfortable just observing for the past three years but now, I have to participate. I haven’t made much progress in the participation area, as I am a very reserved person but I’m taking baby steps. I have to come out of my shell lol. Besides, my new year resolution is to meet 216 new people this year (2 down, 214 to go). I’ve never actively tried to make friends before. I’m friendly but when it comes to walking up to people and trying to befriend them, I freeze up. So, being on twitter will be helpful.
*Shameless plug*
Please, help me with my new year resolution. I really want to meet new people. Follow & tweet at me @9oimah I follow back 🙂
*End of shameless plug*

Host: Shameless plug, indeed.
Avril: *covers face in shame* Oya, let’s continue
Host: Okay… On to matters of the heart. That bae you mentioned last year, how is he?
Avril: What’s a bae? Please, explain. I don’t understand…
Host: Haba. Answer the question na
Avril: Alright. It was #UnseizeTheBae 2015 for me. I’m currently happy as a single puyoyo and I don’t think I need bae right now but… I dunno what God has planned. I’m sha not searching. I’m happy.
Host: ‘you sure? ‘sounds like you might still be bitter.
Avril: Oh plix. I’m not. I’m “on good terms” with him. Or as good as terms can be…
Host: We’ve heard you.
Avril: Lol
Host: Any other plans?
Avril: Oh yeah. Like every person in Nigeria, I want to make money and of course, be closer to God. Not necessarily in that order.
Host: Okay. Is that all?
Avril: Yeah, I spoke a lot about my plans but I’m not self-absorbed like that. I’m not going to be doing this 2016 alone. About 7 billion other people will be doing it too lol. My hope for whoever is reading this (and everybody else really) is that in 2016, after all hustling, we all go home to contentment. It’s very easy to focus on our dreams and aspirations and the things we don’t have yet while forgetting everything we worked for in 2015 that we have now. In 2016, I hope we are granted the gift that is unending contentment.
Host: Amen. Thank you for being on the show. See you next year 🙂
Avril: By God’s grace fam

*End credits*

Lmao! Oh goodness. I love the way Avril presented this. Or was it the host that did the presenting, considering people in this part of the world call show host presenters? Hmm… ‘Scuse me while I go argue with myself…

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