Day 17: Yinka


The one emotion a human can hold on to when everything goes to shit. The emotion that can irrationally make you believe that things are going to be better, irrespective of other factors. People say you can have too much but I’ve never believed that. How can I not be invested in the emotion that is mentally geared to make you think things are going to get better?

Being an optimist comes with its own irrational thoughts.

Things haven’t been great. Serving in a village with no light is an extremely humbling experience. The soups & stews you make have no freezers to be kept in so you have to finish them before the third day after making them in order to enjoy the best taste of your food. It means always looking for the place with a generator on so you can charge your tablet & phones. It means sleeping in the dark with no light bulbs to switch off or a fan that’s blowing a little too much. Without electricity, you’re a slave to nature and there’s nothing I can do about it.


Last year I wrote that I want to start investing in the capital market but never got to do it because it was based on a plan which would’ve provided me with a more substantial amount of cash that I’m used to, but it wasn’t to be. I feel the need to start something that would aid my progress in this field, something more than a bunch of bank shares my dad bought for me as a birthday present. Unfortunately, I can’t do that until April when service is done. Investing shares in a village without stable network would probably tear my brain apart. I would also like to put some money into mutual funds because it’s rarely ever a bad investment. It’s a useful way to make money in the medium/long term & it’s good for people like me who have no clue how to save effectively.

I’m also looking forward to getting employed for the first time (service doesn’t count). I’ve never been employed by a company to work for them in my whole life. No internships, no short-term gig, nothing. If that continues into next year then I’m giving up on sending companies my CV or resume or whatever they need. I’ll forge my own path to greatness, & right now I have pieces of an idea on how I’m going to do that but I believe as time moves on I’ll complete the picture from the puzzle.

Everyone close to me tells me I’m too young to think I haven’t done anything substantial but honestly, I feel like I’ve been underachieving even in my early 20’s. The last two years have been rough & they’ve all ended in me praying for the next year to come. I don’t know how I would feel if I ended 2016 like that.

In conclusion, this life of mine has to improve physically (would love to start playing soccer or basketball more regularly – lifting weights or diets have never been for me), mentally (knowing the balance between what to say & what not to say, and avoiding overthinking stuff) & spiritually (getting closer to God).

I hope 2016 will be more eventful & I hope I’ll end the year with more hope for better things going into 2017. Looking at the way things are right now, I can’t have too much.


Yinka has done this without fail for all four years #30DaysOfHope has run thus far. His sense of consistency is what makes me certain he’ll achieve all he’s articulated above. I join my faith with his hope.

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