Day 20: Michelle

Hi guys, I hope your January is unfolding fine.

I’ve really not mapped out every single detail for my year but I’m hoping I will look back and wish I did nothing differently. The plan is to be great in the little things.
On faith:
I’ll be working towards achieving a vibrant spiritual life for this soul of mine wouldn’t be handing me a memo for when it will be leaving (not like it knows though), and it makes sense to be on the side of The One who has counted the strands of my hair.
The Pope has declared a year of mercy so I hope to play a role, you can check Osemhen’s post and see how you can be a part of it too.
On learning:
Learning is something I love to do and will continue from where I stopped in 2015. While an M.Sc isn’t a bad idea in itself, the exchange rate is so damn rude. So, for now, I’m saying YES to Udemy, Coursera, Code academy, duolingo and acing my professional exams.
On getting and keeping a job:
It’s quite important that I make my debut into the working population this year. Because, a steady source of finance can help keep the body and soul together and experience will not fall from the sky.
On everything else:
Junks shall be avoided like a plague,memories will be made and while a chance of bae isn’t probable, seizing oneself looks like the way forward. I may take up blogging but my fears chuckle at the idea. I may get out of my shell more. I may, or rather, the potato may get to leave the couch more.
And for you my dear readers, you must have (have you not?) some dreams you’d want to come true this year. Perhaps, some good you wish to do to yourself and others. So I pray that you get everything you demand of this universe in 2016. That you’d have the discipline and courage to strike your rock daily till it crumbles. And that our good Lord will grant firmness to your resolutions and favor you beyond your imaginations.
I’m Michelle and I hope you have the best of years.

I’m olatoxic and I hope Michelle and everyone reading this have the best of years.

2 comments on “Day 20: Michelle

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