Day 22: Demisola

This year started on a good note. Very very good note. First couple of days were super awesome. I was in my feels. I felt nothing could stop me.

I’m tired. A consultant asked me today if I was okay because I looked ‘dead’. She asked me to slow it down a bit and all I could think was “Yeah right. Tell me that when you announce in class tomorrow that we are having a test”. I’m actually fatigued. And there’s no public holiday till Easter. My brothers and sisters e be like sey I wan mudd. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
One of my registrar friends told me when this session started that he had been talking with his colleagues and they all went on about how ‘good’ I was. Lol. Me. Good. Chairperson Everlasting Faffers association? Chief Pammist and perpetual crash reader? If you say so o. If you say so. So he made a bet with me. Challenged me to graduate with swag; ‘Best graduating student’. Let me not lie, I laughed my ass off because ‘looooooooool’. But then I thought to myself, “Why the hell not? Yes, you hate med school and everything it stands for, but you’re not even bad at all. All those comments from your patients and lecturers are not just springing  up from nowhere, are they? Very unlikely it happens but would it hurt to try? Even if it’s just one distinction in one random course (which really is more feasible).”  So that’s my number one goal for this year it seems. Only a couple of months to see if my faffing (autocorrect changed that to gagging L.O.L) would get the better of me. (Very likely I have a test tomorrow morning but I’m here eating hindomie and blanket hegg with a lirru bid of spicy asun. First class behavior.)
2. I started a new business last year and boy oh boy… It’s been challenging, but I cannot deny that God that started it with me has great plans. The growth has been shocking. But of course, there’s still room for more.
Please who wants to invest in me?  I have mad plans sugbon eez like a lirru bid of more money is needed. Epp me. Maybe it’s you God is planning to use. Don’t be shy. Please.
(Please visit @case_notes_ on Instagram to see what I do! Custom made phone and laptop cases for all! *cue confetti* )
3. PEPE. Always.
4. If you know me then you know FIT FAM will be somewhere on this list. I’ve never fitfammed but it’s always on my resolution list. This year could be the year of my washboard stomach and toned thighs. Nothing is impossible with God.
5. TRAVEL. Med school has always been the excuse. No more.
6. GOD. CHURCH. I can count how many times I went to church last year. I’m too ashamed to say it sef. For someone whose parents are pastors? Too poor.  There was always an excuse. No fuel. No light. No car. Too far. “Ikeoluwa did you go to church today? Olorun Nikan ni mo fi ko yin o. Alagemo ti bi’mo e tan…“. Heard my mother say that one too many times last year and I’m determined not to have to lie to her everytime she asks this year. So help me God. I’ve been church searching and I might have found one. I’m actually pretty excited.
7. Be. Less. Stubborn. This past year has shown me that the Ekiti blood in me is VERY strong because I no dey gree o. Both of us will die on the line.
8. I was supposed to buy myself a new car last year. Elegushi spender… The money disappeared. This might be the year of the MERCEDES.
9. Throw my mother the best 50th birthday PARTY ever. Aunty Yinka more than deserves it. Ademisola is going to make it happen.
10. Be Happy-er
I had an amazing 2015. I made a conscious effort to be happy last year and it truly can only get better. I have A LOT to be thankful for no doubt, but Oliver Twist…
It’s another year with a lot of hopes… Auto Haven. CaseNotes. Avril. Degree. Mercedes. CommitOrCommot.
2016, wassup, how you doing?

Ademisola is just hilarity with the way she presents her case notes every year. (See what I did there? No?) Her writing gets me eagerly looking forward to her turn on here. But she keeps claiming she’s not a writer. Like being a photographer, business woman and soon-to-be-doctor stops her literary talent from expressing itself. Mscheew.

14 comments on “Day 22: Demisola

  1. Motunrayo says:

    Haha ‘alagemo ti bimo e tan, aimojo ku s’owo omo’ Your mom and i would make best friends.
    I quite agree with Olatoxic, you write very nicely. i think this is the third time i’m reading your post on this series, and i actually LOL sometimes.
    I hope this year is all that you want it to be and more.
    Also, i think you’re really pretty 🙂


    • kinkyinib says:

      My mother has a proverb for every situation. I’m tired honestly.

      And thank you! I’m really glad you enjoy my writing… And I’m just a teeny bit gladder you think I’m pretty. Lol.


  2. Temitoria says:

    Smiled all the way😀 Still smiling


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  4. 4evaphoenix says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Such an easy, breezy read. You’re definitely a writer. 👍 I still have a smile on my face. Haha. Loved it.


  5. Sirkastiq says:

    Commit or commot. Hmmmm


  6. The Alaroro says:

    Joint dreams gang. We dey. Drive that Merc to Lagos lezz be turnt. Love you.


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