Day 2: Lolia


Where others see the onset of night and darkness, I see God’s magnificent power shown in His ability to change Day to Night – Lolia

I look at my life and I am convinced that it is the definition of  “Work in Progress”
Okay, so I started off this year an optimistic little bunny, certain of God’s guiding hands in my life, oozing with the assurance of Gods grace and mercy in my dealings.
Fast Forward 6 months later ——-> Thankfully, despite life’s curve balls, I dare say that I am still as Optimistic as ever.
My post in January was me trying to put into words how beautiful it felt to be back, even if then, it was only for a short period of time. Now i’ve decided to narrow down my true but honestly rather vague ‘goals’ from my January post.
Let’s see how this goes….
First, since January I managed to snag ( By Gods grace) a Post Grad placement position in London… I started off in Market Intelligence but somehow glided to Service and Protocol (which, despite my F & A background, I enjoyed soon much more!!)
I decided to move back to Nigeria recently and whilst ( I would admit) I lived a sedentary life (career wise) for a short while, I realize now that there is just so much to be done.
By the end of 2016, I would like to have:
  • Continued to deepen my relationship with God
  • Started off the Partnership business with my brother and put in motion some very viable ideas I/we have had in the past couple of days/weeks.
  • Be on a very challenging but wholly rewarding career path
  • Be more open to take advantage of some of the opportunities that present themselves
  • Open myself to Love and be Loved by God’s tailor-made (flaws and all) partner for me (whoever that may be)
  • Travel to at least Two New Countries and One New State.
  • Do at LEAST two COMPLETELY ‘Out of the Box’ activities.
  • Just overall really Live and Enjoy life the best most productive way possible!
May God multiply all our efforts and crown them with never-imagined success.

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