Day 7: Chychy

“And Chychy called to God saying, ‘Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my coast and that your hand would be with me and keep me from evil so that it may not grieve me’. And God granted her request.

Indeed guys, he did. God granted my request. He came correct! The first half of this year and except for the time I spent in camp where I was miserable (which is perfectly understandable. I mean, camp was a horrifying experience for me) I have been happier than I’ve been in six years. I think I should list everything that has happened in the exact manner I listed the things I had hoped for in the beginning of the year.

I went for my NYSC, guys and this time it was completely hitch free. Those who know me know how long I had been trying to get mobilised and just couldn’t even when I had no problems. I’m not sure why but then I’ve come to understand that it was all in God’s time. He was probably preparing me for something. I’m not sure what it is but I’m confident that all things work together for my good. After all, God is intentional. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Oh, I’ve got my confidence back. I’m not sure when, where or how but I realised that I no longer walk with my eyes to the ground. I walk with my head held high, shoulders and back straight. I had the opportunity to help out with some event where I was responsible for some really seriously important dignitaries and at the end of the day, I kept asking myself, ‘na me be this?’ I didn’t stutter and I told a couple of them off who were acting like foolish kids- in a polite manner, of course.

I healed, guys. Body, soul and mind. Except for the one time I got some news and I had a 5 minute bout of bitterness and ranted to my friends. But it’s all good. It can’t all be roses now, can it?

Ok, I didn’t take control of my body completely. I still eat like a wombia (in fact, right now, I just devoured a plate of noodles and I’m still hungry). And I haven’t worked out since my accident but I still look good sha. It’s not like I’m fat or anything. Oh! I’ve taken better care of my skin. We’re all about clear looking skin right now.

Have I mentioned that I have gl(r)ow(n)ed up? Make-up game on point. I’m able to perform my responsibilities to my family again without feeling like a bum. I’m being treated with respect again and to be honest, it’s a good feeling.

I did say I was going to learn something new every day. I do. I even signed up for an online class and classes begin next week. I’m looking forward to it if money for data and PHCN to power on my laptop will show up.

I think my writing has improved although I have a couple of unfinished stories and articles I should have finished a long time ago. Sorry, Deolu. Benue state isn’t what I thought it would be and I didn’t get settled quickly.

I’m still trying to make friends so that’s going to take a while. I’ll tell you how that goes on Efe’s at the end of the year.

Oh guys, I’m no longer alone. I met someone early this year. We’re trying to figure out this relationship thing with a lot of trial and error. It feels good to have someone even though most of the time, I forget I’m in a relationship but I think it’s perfectly understandable. I’ve been alone for too long, after all.

If you see a beautiful girl walking past with a genuine smile, that girl is me.


7 comments on “Day 7: Chychy

  1. Sirkastiq says:

    Big ups God 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Alaroro says:

    You go girl! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Glory to God!


  3. Kenneth says:

    Nice. Glad you are in a great place. It will get better too.


  4. Abiola says:

    i will be on the lookout for the beautiful smile 🙂


  5. This made me so happy. Your story gives me hope..

    May the latter part of the year be even more beautiful than the first.


  6. The411 says:

    Nice! He is a God of turning things around.
    Enjoy your relationship, may you find genuine joy and peace of mind in it.
    Also, have the best of good health. 🙂


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