Day 14: Annie

On the 14th of January this year I got “strong-armed” into detailing my hopes and dreams for 2016 and now the (mid-year) day of reckoning has come and it’s stock taking time…

So let’s see. I had…have…TALL ambitions for 2016.

I had (have) this looooong list of goals to accomplish which I detailed here so let’s have a look see how the girl’s doing, shall we?

As y’all may recall I was gonna learn to write again. To do that I would have to actually write, right?

Well…as of when I first drafted this post it was only my SECOND post of the year. Yes, that’s right. And the post where I immortalised this goal was my first.

HOWEVER…I have since written three (rather short) ones. So this is my fifth for the year and I’m giving myself a C- on mid-terms for that one. Lol. (Funny but not funny :'()

I was gonna learn French – I haven’t even started taking lessons. But before y’all whip out that F…I started learning basic Italian…for my weekend in Rome (and then I fell off the language learning wagon). You can whip out that red marker now. (smh)

But now for some good news! I started learning to swim!!!

Yes, and I quite enjoy(ed) it…teacher was a bit rubbish so I still have quite a-ways to go. But I, at least, get an A for the effort and maybe a B for being fair at it.  🙂

I took the plunge and went off to Rome for a weekend – ALL BY MY LONESOME SELF!!! It was nerve-racking and oh so exhilarating. Now if only I had pots of money so I could go on more solo trips J I give myself a BIG FAT A+++ for this one.

I wanted to make true friends and nurture those friendships so they last. I still do.

I DID make one new friend…but what happened there is a story for another day. We’re still friends. Sorta. For now…

The less said the better.

I reconnected with an old friend. But what I REALLY need, I think, is solid female friendships. This one is scoreless abeg. Or we gimme a C or something.

I’m still learning how to make consistently smart financial decisions. I’m a work in progress. You people should just add your prayers to mine on this one. I’ll get there.

(At least I’m not making bad financial decisions anymore. So there’s a plus!)

Skip the next one. That’s in God’s hands…

The overdue goals:

Still haven’t sorted out the license…but I take (another :'() theory test in 3 weeks. Hopefully this is the one I pass. People of God, pray for ya sister. The situation is becoming quite embarrassing.

I’m not gonna qualify as a UK Solicitor this year. I haven’t studied and I’ve missed deadlines. Big fat F but I’ll just have to push that to next year.

Still ain’t done no charity work…but in my defence I feel like this year has been such chaos for me so far that I’M becoming charity work. 😥 See ehn, don’t let nobody tell you different – adulting is haaaarrrrrrrddddd!!!! Sigh

Jokes aside, volunteering is still on the list.

And finally, how are we doing on getting it together? My short answer would be “we’re not” BUT…let’s go through it first shall we?

I feel like I’m still in my ‘Jacob’ phase. I read an old blog post last month (when I first drafted this) which has made me realise we’ve been doing this for approximately 3 years. I know God ain’t the problem so…I don’t even know again.

Next goal please…

I figured out that part of the problem with attracting emotionally and/or geographically unavailable people is that I’M emotionally unavailable (and now I recall that I read something about that many, many years ago. If only I’d taken it seriously then.) Anyways, so that’s the problem so perhaps by December I’ll be telling y’all that I solved it eh?!! J We live in hope…

Finally, finally sha…I still haven’t reached the level of ‘health and fitness’ that I’d like to BUT I’m doing way more than I’ve done in the last couple of years. I got a Jawbone and everything. I try to take 10000 steps a day and drink 8 glasses of water and all of that. So perhaps I’ll get my summer body after all…in December. side-eye But shey body na body?  😁

Woz my final score looking like?

P.S. – It has been a most challenging year so far; all sorts of things have happened. I’d list them…or maybe not. The real reason I’m not gonna go into ALL the happenings of this year is they just weren’t explicitly ‘immortalised in ink’ goals. Suffice it to say – My Abba is still God in the chaos. If I didn’t know this before I certainly know it now.

P.P.S. – Btw guys, go to Rome. You won’t regret it. It is the most amazing place with so much history you won’t know what to do with yourself. It’s like everywhere you turn there’s another amazing archaeological site with SO much history attached to it you’d need a recorder to take it all in. sigh Did I mention I had an amazing time? Oh, yeah. I totally did. Haha.  🙂


One comment on “Day 14: Annie

  1. 4evaphoenix says:

    Update/disclaimer: the Jawbone kpafuka-ed today. If you guys see a little whale rolling down the street in December, this is the reason why. 😩😩😩


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