Dark 15: Tope

Gosh! Time has passed and a whole lot has happened. Looking back at everything in the last six months, I’m happy that I’m happy to write this. I have to thank Toks for the opportunity to do this review because I completely forgot.🙈
Like Ameena, I had to read my post from January and evaluate based on that, I have not done badly either.
Right now I am all about my website temitoria.com as I have found out that I can’t hide from myself any more. I have finally gotten to that stage where you meet the right people at the right time that spur you towards the right things. I can tell you, I have found myself and it’s annoying to realise I have always had me. I shouldn’t have ignored the greatness I see in myself but it’s never too late to embrace who you are.
I mentioned starting my baby project and I have found a way to start it indirectly, as I said, it is time for right things.
For spirituality, we are still rocking that boat and I am growing. I found the revelation of Grace and that has greatly built up my faith. I have missed my steps quite a number of times but I have learnt not to run away but stay strong. ”The best winners are those who possess great quality in perseverance.” ©Temitoria2016
About my third book, sincerely I have started like three other books and all uncompleted and my excuse is, there is no excuse. I have to take things one at a time, so my characters are frozen in time, right now I am focused on building my brand.
Sincerely, Masters is not in my line of thought right now because I have realised that it is just not on my plate right now. I wouldn’t do it because everybody I know wants to do it. I simply don’t need to go into it now.
On believing more in myself… I totally do! The power and strength that lies in ME is greater than whatever challenges is in the world. I realised believing in oneself also means improving. Adding to what I know and boosting my confidence as the day passes.
Mending broken relationships, in the past six months I have succeeded with one and we are good. I know it means others would come around eventually, in the process of mending, it’s better when you take it piece by piece.
On my True Lover…well, I thought I did earlier in the year but how was I wrong. Geez!
I wasn’t heartbroken though but was slightly disappointed. It opened my eyes to never accept less than you deserve and know exactly what you want, the great part is, what lies ahead would certainly be better. So I’m glad to tell you, that better has found me and I keep my fingers crossed on how this story unfolds. I am positive about this one. *Well, that was what I said about the last one* I can’t help being positive tho but this one is one weirdo that makes me laugh a little too much than my normal laughter.😂
Did I leave anything out?…. Yeah! I almost lost my dad recently and my mum came out of an accident unharmed. This made me realise how vain life can be, making the most of it as much as you can and appreciating every single person you care about before the horrors of life snatches them away. It was not so easy because I was in the state of ‘unbearable almost moments’, like it almost happened but thank God it didn’t.
Thank you all for reading, I believe the next six months would positively exceed our imaginations. It is not a prayer, it is a statement of fact.;) *Drops mic*🎤


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