Dusk 15: Tobi

          “Every day I have to make the decision to make the most out of it


You see, I thought once I wrote out what I wanted for the year every other thing will fall in place and by some magic or divine intervention things will happen (LOL). But I found out that wasn’t the case. So on days when there was no ginger to go on, to make a decision or take a step, I got nothing done. Therefore, the past six months have been a journey of ups and downs; highs and lows; energy and lethargy. Nevertheless, as each day rolled away I found the little steps I took made the difference. And for these little steps I am thankful;

  • I dare say I have found my happy place with God and learning to trust that He has me covered even when it seems otherwise
  • And I started my blog… finally let my voice out; one of my biggest fears and the response was amazing. But I have to keep writing and publishing (no fear)
  • How can I not mention that I have made amazing friends; built stronger relationships and network and put a stop to the ones that were not beneficial
  • Unfortunately, I am yet to stop my book shopping spree and finish the books I have; I guess this will be my Achilles heel…
  • I have taken steps towards being financially savvy (English again, but hey I am happy)

However, my greatest achievement so far is clarity; of purpose. With this I have a new set of goals built on my passion for early childhood education in Nigeria. So for the remaining part of this year I have my work cut out for me with regards my walk with God, career and relationships.

And my anthems for the year have not changed:

Oceans by Hillsong United
The Voyage by Amanda Cook
and add
To The Dreamers by for King & Country

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