Day 16: Avril

Since the start of July, I’ve been worrying about not knowing what to write for this review. A lot of things have changed since I wrote my hopes for the year in January… and a lot of things have remained the same… but to God be the glory. I’m alive! I’m healthy. I’m not depressed or insane. Things could be worse… so, I’m grateful.

On to the review proper.

1. First of all, No. This year has not been a year of close calls 🙂 and yes, I have seen improvements in virtually every area of my life.

2. Physically: I didn’t start the paleo diet but I’m eating healthier. I can’t even remember the last time I drank soda. I also joined Truppr Unilag. I have not been consistent due to several other commitments but I did enjoy the not too many times I ran. I tried meditating. I even finished two books on meditation but my hyperactive mind refused to chill. So, I gave up. I still occasionally try but I never make it past five minutes.

3. Academically: School has been great so far. I’m researching an area of my course I had no idea about, for my final year project… which is going well. On the other hand, I’m getting nostalgic. As excited as I am about the next phase of my life, there are so many things about school I’m going to miss. I’m trying to make the remaining few months count as much as possible.

4. Blogging: LOL. Started the blog. Posted once. Abandoned it 😦  Also, my muse ran away. So, I haven’t done much writing this year. There’s still time to change that, hopefully.

5. Twitter: LOL again. I don’t think twitter is for me. I tried, people, I tried. It’s just not working out. Apparently, I’d rather not have a social life than share my thoughts. This is sad. 

6. Bae: What is a bae again?  

7. Like every person in Nigeria: I did make money… not a lot but enough. I also got closer to God… in my own way.

8. Final thoughts: Surprisingly, contentment has been a little hard for me this year. I received a large sum of money, bought expensive things, even got accepted into a prestigious training programme I had been eyeing for two years but… it was hard for me to believe my luck. You know that feeling you get when something really good happens but you refuse to enjoy it because you’re scared something bad would happen soon after…? I had to live with that and it was awful… but I’m better now. I’m not perfectly content (it’s a gradual process) but I’m no longer afraid. I hope by the end of the year I’m even more at peace with myself. 


That’s all for now.


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