Day 20: Seun

OMG, Totally forgot that I was supposed to do this, Sigh, exactly the same way I’ve forgotten to do many of the things I wanted to, and vowed to do at the start of the year.

This year has just been a blur, and sadly I find myself no better than I was at this point six months ago when I penned my hopes and plans for the year here.

It’s been an odd year thus far, filled with a lot of pressure (most of it self-generated), a lot of introspection, some brainstorming and loads of learning. I have read more books this year than I read in the last two years combined. Financially, the times have been a little hard, though I was fairly prepared for it and so though at times I have been bowed, my back remains unbroken.

About those things I said I was going to do earlier in the year, let me see just how far I have come

  1. I haven’t learnt graphic design “finally” but I learnt how to design websites. That has to count for something, I guess.
  2. Get my first book published? Haha, Well I still have five months more (I would have to finish the book first though)
  3. Blog more often? Rotflmao! The amount of times I’ve blogged this year can be counted with no fingers. Zilch, nada, zip, zero.
  4. 2016 so far has been better than 2015 on the spiritual front. My church attendance is still not as much as it should be, but I’ve been active in the house. Personally, my morning rituals have not been this consistent in years.
  5. I haven’t told many people about Jesus though, five months is a lot of time to improve here.
  6. Increase my income, create a third stream? Second stream has practically dried up, working actively on opening a new stream
  7. I currently weigh 1.5Kg above 70Kg. Meeting my weight loss goal is inevitable at this current pace.
  8. I thought 2015 was a bad year for my friendships, 2016 has been much worse. I seem to have a problem making new friends and a bigger problem staying in touch with old friends.
  9. Be very, very happy? At least I’m happy.

Prior to writing this out, I had simply (maybe simplistically) concluded that the first half of the year was a failure. Writing this opened my eyes to the steps I have and am still taking in what I consider to be the right direction, and while it’s not been all champagne and fireworks, the year smells like it is going to be a delicious memory at the end of it. I pray yours will be the same too (a delicious memory that is).

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