Dusk 20: Michelle

2016, if you’re reading this I hate you and I like you. See, I can not make up my mind as to why you are notoriously annoying. Don’t get how I’d order pizza and you give me just dough, it’s like I’ll beat the rest outta you.

My year’s been what it is, got its ups and downs like most years do and I haven’t ticked a lot off my to-do list.
Been trying to get some woods in the fire of my faith daily, the goal is a wildfire. Some days feel like I’m adding water but I’m banking on God’s grace.
It’s still the year of mercy Misericodes sicut pater – be merciful like your father is, I haven’t been quite successful at this but I’ll try still.
Some of my learning plans for the year were paused because of some professional exams. Thankfully, one paper is off my list. *sigh* It gets deeper by the day, can’t even do one leg in one leg out. Hopeful that I’d get to continue some of my online courses soon. Been in and out of the working population, will find my fit soon.
I’m really thankful for this year, for everything I made out of it. It’s been a good one. My WordPress account is there waiting for my words but I’m not ready yet. I’ve gone out more and I miss the couch when I’m out. I also am grateful that I got to cultivate meaningful relationships and for memories that made up part of my half-year.
A friend said: “One thing that never fails is hope”
Cheers! To Hope!

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