Day 22: Demisola

I almost didn’t get to this.

Finals. Finals as in final finals started today.

I’m constantly telling myself to calm down. “He showed you what he could do during the mocks, calm your blood”.
Since this is supposed to be an update thing, I’ll just go with the January post (I’m semi-panicking. I should be studying. I can’t concentrate)
1. Swagged out graduation- that’s on the way. By God’s grace. Insha allah. Let’s see if that prize thing is feasible. Doctor Demi is about to hit you with all shades of awesomeness.
I’ve already passed a secular to my family, lover and friends. Nobody should make any mistake and call my name without adding ‘Dr’ o. Dr baby. Dr love. Dr sweetheart. Dr ore mi. Dr padi mi. Dr my daughter.  If you know me I’m telling you now o. I’ve warned you. Because hian. 2008-2016 is not beans.
2. @Case_Notes_ is flourishing o. It’s a wonderful something. And I just expanded my tentacles. Another small business started a few weeks ago. I should probably just go and open one shop somewhere. This school business is just demo. I like this buying and selling thing a little too much.
3. Oluwafeyikemi. My Pépè.My rock. My nigga my nigga. Still.
4. Fitfam. Lol. No such thing happened.
5. Travel. Not yet. After exams maybe. Baecation is needed.
6. God. I’m talking to him more. That’s all I can say. Nowhere near where I want to be with him. But I won’t give up.
7. Be less stubborn. Loooooool. Another loooooooooool. See, Ekiti blood is Teek. Too Teek. Still as stubborn as ever.
So far I’ve given less of a shit about people’s foolishness. Less stress in my life. You fuck up, I just ignore/cut you off. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to be that dismal of people but really, who has time for stress?
8. I’ve not changed my car… Yet.
9. Aunty Yinka turned 50 o! Party was great but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have loved to because ‘ademisola, your uncle from kafancha needs 5 plates of pounded yam. While you’re getting those, aunty lagbaja needs you to serve her friends on that table. Bla bla bla’. Helllloo o? There were servers hired to do this rubbish o. Ha.
But in all, I’m glad I was able to do this for my mum.
10. It’s been a great first half of 2016. Ive been super stressed the most of it, but I’m still happy. I honestly can’t look back and pick any seriously sad moments.
I got scammed twice in the space of 3 weeks a few weeks back. Hit me big but for some reason I didn’t think about it. I should have been crying and wailing and gnashing my teeth but somehow, God took control. Barely made a dent in my mind. Coming from someone who over analyses and over worries and overthinks everything? Growth.
Ps- western union needs to die. A horrible death at that. But I’m not angry sha. I’m not angry.
2016, you’re on the right path. Let’s get this!
I don’t have a photo to go along with this so I’ll just bless you with this old slay-selfies. It’s been a slaying first half really so…
God bless you brother. God bless you sister. Nobody holds the key to your  happiness but you! Go forth and be happy!

2 comments on “Day 22: Demisola

  1. The Alaroro says:

    Dr. Ore Mi.

    God is not done showing off with you yet. This is just the beginning. 💝


  2. Dr the Dr!!
    This made me smile.
    And you’re so gorgeous! That smile, your hair!!
    I wish you God’s presence and favour in your finals!
    God bless you too, Dr. 🙂 x


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