Day 28: Juachi

Juachi 28

So I just had a pretty awesome, fire-inducing conversation with a BFF of mine so I figured I better put this all down now.

2016 has been, not for the lack of other words, a very annoying year. It’s amazing because I’m reading my post from January and wondering if that positive, semi-hopeful, slightly hippie vibe I’m getting can be pickled, bottled and stored for the winter of emotions that come up later. You’d think after a lifetime of experiencing the same emotions I’d have figured it out by now but nope.

So, I turned 28 in April. It was pretty awesome. I had just left a job I had begun to dislike, I was slightly broke (this is a real thing) and feeling like I’d made the biggest mistake of my life. In time though I remembered all the many things I have been through and how God has surrounded me with so much – family, friends and talent. Like I said, awesome!

It’s been that kind of year so far with emotions in waves and stress and pain and love and headaches and bloody mosquitoes.

That said, I started writing again, only four posts so far but I really like them and they were ‘honest’ and writing them felt amazing.

I haven’t traveled anywhere yet – I’m not sure Ogun State counts for me at this point. I did get to that Lagos Business School area once though.

I launched a collaboration with and a T Shirt design collection as atelierNOYAKA. These two projects have been a big blessing to me this year and I have learned so much working on them. I have new collections for the Independence Day celebrations and Harmattan coming up and I am excited about that. So holla if you want to collaborate on anything design, I am so game!

Also worked on a construction project, a new set design for the Ebe Ngoli talk show, custom ‘art blocks’ for a client’s children and four and a half paintings (also a thing).

I haven’t bought a violin yet and am worried that this will be one of those ‘annual resolutions’ that never get done. Ah well.

Started work on one academic paper this week – I foresee days of pain ahead but I’m going to enter it for a conference slated for next year. So, fingers crossed?

Ok, so my year does seem kind of great in retrospect but all these blessings came with trouble that had me in my deep, dark slimy feelings at one point (see clip Howl’s moving castle) and high off my own supply the next (also clip from Howl’s moving castle – it’s a pretty awesome film, the books are even more amazing).

A lot of peace though – to look at decisions I’ve made and know that even though it probably wasn’t the best idea it’s okay because I will learn from it and surrender more control to God next time.

It’s been tough work but growth and ish no?

2 comments on “Day 28: Juachi

  1. Nedoux says:

    Hi Juachi,

    Yes, your year does seem kind of great in retrospect. Well done!

    The little bits do add up to one big happy piece of achievement. Onwards and upwards… 🙂


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