Day 30: Stanley

“We used to fight for building blocks. Now we fight for blocks with buildings…”
– Jay Z (D’Evils, 1996)

I failed Digital Marketing. 42%. It was a surprise to me and everyone else who heard about it in my class.

The day after the result came out, I found out my brother had been arrested after he had not come home for 2 days. I spent the next week going to Ikoyi Prison and Tinubu Magistrate Court, and I was exposed to the decay and deeply ingrained corruption in our prison and court system.

I think failing Digital Marketing was God’s way of humbling me. I had become too confident in my abilities. Plus, in retrospect, there were certain things I didn’t do right.

I submitted my Integrated Communications assessment early this month – results are out in September – and I’ll give Digital Marketing another go from August. There is an option to take Customer Experience instead (Digital Marketing is an elective module), and I have a feeling it will be easier, but I have never been known to do easy.

The journey to becoming a Chartered Marketer still has some ways to go.

Instead of starting one company, I am going to be a part of starting two, with the first being the mother of the second, and the other companies we will create. All potential directors finally met and agreed on next steps. I am excited by the possibilities of what we can achieve.

I am currently at about 17% of my investment goal for 2016. Too poor. Recently, I have started doing some financial planning. I have never been a spendthrift, but I have never really created a budget for daily expenses like food, transportation, etc. It’s mostly been: earn income, save, pay tithe (it’s been better this year, but still not consistent) and spend the rest until the next income comes. I rarely plan for large expenses. I just expect to make the payment with a bulk sum when income comes in or just borrow against my savings. It’s a habit I’m working on changing.

Barows 21 isn’t where I need it to be. The campaign launched earlier this year didn’t achieve the set objectives. This is largely because I did everything on my own, in terms of implementation. I want to make a big decision about the business by the last quarter of the year.

A Thousand 1000 now has 145 donors. That number is nowhere near the 1,000 donor objective we set. But after worrying that we might not achieve the objective and that would mean we failed, I experienced a moment of clarity – we can’t fail. No matter what happens by December 2016, with 145 people coming together to support our IDPs and ensuring 100% transparency, we have already succeeded.

My 9 – 5 has been one of highs and lows. With just about 6 months in, I am thinking about moving again. If I do move soon, it will be my 5th job in less than 2 years.‎ Remember, I quit the last one after 6 months. Sometimes, I am angry with myself because I know happiness starts and resides within me. What am I searching for then?

Still looking forward to my first trip out of Lagos this year. Travelled to Ibadan a couple of times at the beginning of the year, but that was for market research, so it doesn’t count. Once I can start using my leave days, I am heading out of town.

It hasn’t been a perfect year, but it has been better than a lot of years I have had as an adult. I am not homeless like I was between 2011 and 2013, I am slowly getting my finances together, and looking forward to great things.

It’s all the Lord’s doing.


One comment on “Day 30: Stanley

  1. The411 says:

    Hang in there. Never despair or lose focus.


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