Day 3: DK


Remember why you started

I can be very spontaneous, and when I came across this challenge, I immediately chose the 3rd of January – my birthday – before going back and rereading to find out what I was expected to do 🙂


So here goes…

Hi, I am DK Jonah and Today is my birthday.


Today I share what I am hopeful for in 2017. I cannot talk about the future without taking into consideration my past.


In 2015 I decided to have a word for the year after reading Lara Caseys “make it happen.” I had started using Lara Caseys Power sheets, a goal setting tool in 2015 and you set yearly goals, and as a perfectionist, I was always upset if everything was not perfect. My yearly words were


2015: Intentional

2016: consistency


Now for 2017, I was certain I did not have a word but a phrase, and it was “cultivate what matters.”  But that’s not what God wanted – I heard “Stewardship”… Stewardship? I echoed, “are you sure you are talking to me?” I asked. I got no response.  I have a large heart, and I am always willing to serve, so I felt I was already serving others. So why stewardship? I am uncertain, but I decided I was going to be a steward of all the gifts God has given me, time, money, & creativity. I now see these as resources that I can waste or save based on the choices I make..


I am taking a page from a book by ‘Bill Hybels Too Busy to Pray’ He talked about asking God three questions that he was listening out for his voice…


1) What’s the next step in developing my character

2)What’s the next step for my family?

3)What’s the next phase of my ministry?

My response to these questions has changed the perspective on life. I have been working on fixing myself and developing my character.


I am looking to journal more

Start a podcast Conversations With Eme and DK

Continue with my Radio Show

Thursday Bible Study

Host 2 Conferences

Host a Book Launch: February 4th

Host workshops monthly from March 2017

Youtube channel

Manage more Brands

Blog, yes blog on my personal, collaborative and business website

Become a brand influencer

Learn Photography and Videography

Improve on design skills.

Financial Stewardship

Pop-up Bookstore  in November and December

Read more Book and review  


Fitness is now in Vison 2020, just kidding,  I have little or no tolerance for exercise but dancing… now that’s more interesting to me. I have an adventurous side that is always keen to try something new that’s what I love about being my own boss and building brands for others.


I am more creative when I am not restricted and love working with brands that allow me to embrace my creative side. So I am on the look out for a dance studio that I can join that combines dance routines into fitness so I may try Zumba again.


I intend putting dates by my goal and scripture to help me pray for each goal. I know these seem like a lot of goals, but some are closely linked.


Every Tuesday I host a radio show “His & Our Stories” with DK Jonah and today I am excited to spend my birthday connecting and interacting with family and friends discussing goal setting.  


Join me tonight if you are free for episode 20, and we will be discussing Goal Setting and Success.


When writing this post, I was asking myself what am I Hopeful for and a million things came to my mind… The answer I gave was simple – remember why you started…


Do not get distracted but focus on your why. No matter what happens, I will not throw in the towel. My commitment to add value to anyone I come across without thinking what is it for me has caused me pain so many times but I am hopeful that at the end of everything, the response I will receive is Well Done my good and faithful servant. That is my hope…

3 comments on “Day 3: DK

  1. Bolanle says:

    Good One DK


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