Day 10: Chuma

Last year was a blast, and true to form I ended it broke (it’s no surprise really, I’m always broke). In those 12 months, I visited three countries: two new, one trip was paid for exclusively by the host of the pitching competition I was attending; registered two companies: one LLC and one business name (this is not as nice as it sounds, we’re in debt); started a hardware meetup in Lagos; started a blog about hardware; ran away to a Masters programme in September; and last but probably most surprising: ‘confused’ this really great lady to start a relationship with me.

I’ve only dated for 8 months in my 24 years so it’s a really big deal for me. In some way, I think I have always been scared to show that I love someone, to be vulnerable like that. And hopefully, I’m ready to do away with that nonsense behaviour, because she’s a really great person. Ah, and she lives in a different country.

But this year, I have to work harder than I have worked before. In no particular order these are the thing I would love to achieve:

Stop postponing. I’m a firm believer in doing things I have no skill in by staying up two nights in a row and watching YouTube videos. Finally, I learn how to do them just enough.  Although, I will miss the adrenaline rushes, this should stop. Planning always works well, I’d like to learn a new skill every month.

File a (provisional) patent. There’s a product idea I’ve had for about a year; I’ve refined it time and time again but this year I need to sit down and build the thing. A provisional only needs to show how your idea is better than the others previously patented, but to do that I need to seriously research. Most people hire lawyers, but I don’t have that type of money.


Bathroom slippers are comfy

Travel. My friend completed her trip round the continents in December with Antarctica, I was just looking at my life and account balance. I’d like to go to the Caribbean and China this year. I have no idea how but I’m hopeful.

Love. Long distance relationships are tough, but I’m an eternal optimist (read as: I’m ready forrit). I entered a 15-hour bus ride in December to go visit my lady, and she’s coming over in 32 days. We’ve FaceTimed everyday for 60 days. I forget dates and times a lot, but look at me doing countdown and time keeping.

Learn. And not necessarily by reading, but by talking to new people and experiencing new things. There’s a beautiful rant by a British TV person about how Brexit and Trump are the results of the left winning the culture war. He posits that a lot of people keep their opinions to themselves and never share it because they are unpopular and many times they face scorn from the ‘elite’. I agree with him, and I’d like to talk to a lot more people who disagree with me. Let’s see how well we can argue our differences and make our points and most importantly, be friends (during and) after. Because nobody else can see the world the same way you do.

I feel bad that I have to write another sentence (that last line was a good punch), but I need to make money this year. I’ve been broke for too long abeg. Probably time for that good old 9-5. Or not.

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