Day 10: Laji

The alarm clock goes off at 4:30am to Macklemore’s “Can’t hold us” Frank turns over and puts it on snooze. 5 snoozes later he gets out of bed, reflecting on a hectic week and truly thankful it’s Friday. He and Bella have a hot date, the thought alone puts a childish grin on his face.
“Just another 12 hours to go…”
Frank worked as a Social Media content manager at a top global business. His company had seen better days but was, notwithstanding, a good place to work. He made it a habit to stay disconnected from social media until he got to work to be able to meditate and prepare for the day.
He got into the office and was greeted by hushed whispers and stares. He didn’t make too much of it and went to say “hello” to his boss.
His boss had a very somber look and asked
“Frank are you responsible for this Tweet…”
He looked at the screen and to his horror realized that he might have made the biggest blunder of his career
In case you missed this (What rock were you living under for the last week days??? 🙂 find a link about it at the end of this post) Yahoo Finance became the butt of many a joke due to this typo. This is totally fictitious but do you think Frank should be fired?
I think the most important thing is how “Frank” deals with the situation.
2016 has shown me that I need to live by this philosophy:
“whatever happens in your life, even if it’s not your fault, IT’S YOUR FAULT”.
What I’m saying in essence is I need to take responsibility for whatever happens to me both within and without my control. One of the most crucial traits of the most successful people in the world is that they take responsibility for WHATEVER happens to them.
So rather than Frank blame the person who designed the QWERTY keyboard
“why is are “b” and “n” right next to each other????!!!!”
He should be updating his CV to include
“Responsible for launching first viral campaign that trended on Twitter with unsolicited features in multiple blogs”
But seriously things can never ALWAYS go in my favour, failure is inevitable in life, I will make mistakes.
“Get over yourself!!!”
It’s what I do with the mishaps that make all the difference. To be fair society has ingrained a very deep seated fear of failure that actually keeps us from being our greater selves. It’s now my job to unlearn my fear driven habits.
My mindset for 2017 can be summarized in this quote:
In a fear based and failure averse culture, people will consciously or unconsciously avoid risk and repeat what has been good enough in the past. In a fearless culture people will be willing to explore new areas and uncharted paths. The concept of zero failures is counter productive.
– Ed Catmull
President of Pixar Animation Studios
and Walt Disney Animation Studios
This fearless approach has led to over $10bn in revenue for Pixar over 15 years  and $5bn for Disney Animation Studios in just about 10 years (not considering merchandising). If it can work for them, it can work for me
So the plan is to graciously “Take my “Ls” because I know that  “L” also stands for Learning
Have a fulfilling 2017

2 comments on “Day 10: Laji

  1. zifahblogs says:

    Motivational. Go for it Laji!

    Care to share some ways in which you intend to “unlearn your fear driven habits”?


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