Day 11: Ope

Hope Renewed

I think it takes real courage to dream, to aspire to greatness, to set goals for yourself; I admire everyone who has contributed to this series since Olatoxic started it, being a part of this is sort of helping me build the courage I had lost a while ago.

Hi everyone, my name is Opeyemi, and I am a convert to the concept of Hope. I feel very different this year, compared to the very first time I contributed to this series. In the advent of 2016, I really didn’t expect much from life, and I had ushered in that year bereft of any form of hope, only set on taking anything life threw at me.

As 2016 went on, I realized that God had different plans for me, he lifted me up when I had thought he was too mad at me to even care about me; he helped me at the times when I thought I could never get help, he came through for me.  I began to have a new outlook on life (save the occasional whining), and made a conscious effort to think positively.  There were times when I fell by the way side, relying on the temporary numbness that the mixture of spirits and nicotine brought me; I went back to hanging with some people I had promised myself I would never be caught around, but somehow, I found my way back. I almost felt lost in the ‘sauce’, thinking that I could escape my mood swings by drowning myself in alcohol and futile relationships, but after a while, I realized that I was just being lazy and undisciplined. It took me reading a few posts from my Facebook memories to remember who I really was, and to help me make the decision to override my temporary moods with positive thoughts.

Starting 2017, I am making a conscious effort to love myself, love my body, and respect myself. I decided to stop doing a lot of things and quit hanging around people that could influence me to renege on my promises to myself. I have also decided that it’s time to stop looking for love in relationships, because it’s a sort of weakness for me that most people tend to exploit, and I never come out of these things better for it.

I am working on continuing my efforts towards achieving certain goals I had set in 2016, to generate more income and also to develop myself. I am currently waiting on the University of Lagos to release the admission list for the year’s programs so I know where I stand. I have been feeling really positive about 2017 though, and I have decided to focus more on writing politically themed opinion pieces, (because I really do love all things politics),  and sharing my opinions with people.

All in all,  I am hoping it will be a great year for every Nigerian, and that the economic situation improves considerably so we can keep hope alive. I am hoping that the next time I contribute to this series, I would have more positive things to gloat about 😊



One comment on “Day 11: Ope

  1. Jade says:

    There are only a few feelings greater than kinda figuring yourself out…. Onwards and upwards…


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