Day 12: Christopher

My hope for Silver ‘17

My name is Christopher and I turn 25 today. I waited until this morning to write this particular paragraph in the hope I would have some particular insight, some special feels on this morning of the end of the first quarter of my life. *gulp*. But asides the slight queasiness in my stomach from the balls of semo and okro soup I tried to force down last night, and an itchiness to my throat, which might be the last stages of puberty setting in, I feel no different. LOL. Okay, I do. I feel like Adulting just started Part 2.

This is my first time writing about myself like this (for public consumption, that is), and I will try my best to be completely honest. It ought to be therapeutic. LOL. So uhm..TMI alert. Thanks again, Tokunbo.

I have been having a lot of terrible years, or to paraphrase, I have been having a lot of years where I do not seem to achieve all I want. I have been having years where I am far from fulfilled, years filled with regrets. However, at the tail end of last year, I had a turn around. I came out of 2016 fulfilled and more than a bit dazzled. I realized a number of things which I am going to act on this year:

GOD answers prayers

A long time ago I prayed for GOD to take control of my affairs and help me dictate them as they should go. I guess I forgot about the prayer or did not really understand the ramifications of what I was praying for because, like my Tati will always tell me, “Oare, you cannot be faster than GOD”, and no matter how much I wanted some things or even prayed for them, there was always something holding it all back. Here in is the grace, when the time was perfect, it all worked out for my good.

A lot of people complained about last year being terrible, but that was the year that GOD crowned my efforts with glory, sat me on the Seat of Kings and established me. My daily prayer now is from Deuteronomy 8:18 – “But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God, for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day”. I am scared of getting proud and forgetting the grace that sustained me.

In this year:

I want to learn.

I have been afforded an opportunity to work at an international company doing work that is intrinsic to all I studied in my undergrad and postgrad school. I have an opportunity to work with young, brilliant and exposed people, to be trained with the best kind of equipment under the watch of the most skilled and experienced of guys. I want to learn in this year. I want to be the best at what I do. I want to be Outstanding in my work. I also want to learn how to be a team player, to really cooperate in a team, to know how to motivate people and have them follow me. I want to absorb, to be a sponge to soak in all the knowledge I can in this year.

I want to be happy.

A new friend of mine I met on Saturday showed me a passage in Ecclesiastes 7:16 – “So don’t be too good or too wise! Why destroy yourself?”, while she was trying to get me to understand the importance of the “occasional selfishness”. LOL. While I still do not completely agree with her, I have decided in this new year to be happy for me. I will not let myself be bogged down by people who will bring down my emotions and force me to be sad with them. I will be happy in this year, and seize the joy where I find it.

I am going to buy a car.

Hehe. I saw a tweet a few days ago, one of those “RT if you…” and this was about buying a car this year. Hehe. I will buy my first car in this year, or at the very most as my next birthday present. Hehe. The biggest question now is a SUV or a late-model Honda Civic like Chuns said I look good in? LOL.

As for relationships…

I have never been as uncertain about my relationship life as I am now. Torn between deciding what is best for me, for my future and what will make me happy in the moment. I am 25 years old now, a Silver Gentleman, if you know waramsaying..and I cannot be playing again. By next year, my conservative mother will start asking me about bringing a bride before she starts growing more gray. So I hope that in this year, I will figure out and decide and choose and stay.

And Kanary Concepts…

I started Kanary Concepts as a startup for startups (and the first feather on Kanary, the brand I think I was born to build) a few years ago, 2014 to be more precise, and since then I have not been able to get the company to fly – just been fluttering. I have paused on several occasions, for grad school, to work at another company for experience and now again. I have had a lot of sleepless nights wondering what to do with Kanary, which is a dream of success I cannot help having every single time, and in this year I hope to find a solution. I am not certain what that solution would be, but I intend to find it.

I will be more family-oriented

I love my family, extended and nuclear, and I intend to be more family oriented in this new year. I want to pay fees and rent, as GOD blesses me. I want to remember birthdays and send gifts. I want to visit folks and make dining table jokes. I want to learn new recipes and teach some of mine. I want to give advice to the youngsters and take some to drink their first premium lager.

Writing and #theNDG

I wrote a novel last year which I intended to publish before November. I honestly do not know why I did not publish. My beta readers loved it, and I know it was damned good book. But for some reason, I did not send it to any publishers. Maybe because I was doubtful of my own art, or maybe I was just lazy, IDK. Thing is, I intend to do that “sending out to publishers” this year. I do not know what ramifications being a published author might have for my chosen career, but I want to write and be read, so…

Still on writing, I did a lot of that in the last year, on a variety of topics from politics and finance all the way to relationships and health, none of which was for me though. On the bright side, a lot of it was fiction, not the escapist kind though, more like the kind where I write a product review for a new plug-in without having actually used the plug-in before. Anyway, I did a lot of that as a freelancer, and made some necessary “recession rate” dollars at the same time, but I do not need that any more. So, I hope in this new year I would find the time to write a lot more, real fictional stories on like I used to, comic stuff, action stuff, bring back some of my favourite characters like Ali and Mrs. Adebowale and write about my experiences, humourous pieces which manage to offer hope and teach something.


I have always been a talker, I know how to craft words in front of large audiences. I also understand the need for genuine information in the world, truthful stuff that will benefit. I used to give those kind of talks back in school and I hope I would be afforded the opportunity to again. To share ideas. I hope I get invited to give a TED talk in this year. Hehe.

Finally, my spiritual life

The year 2016 probably had me at my most spiritual ever. I learned a lot about the bible, I learned faith too. However, 2016 also had a lot of ups and downs, many times with me rolling about in filth. I however learned the importance of forgiveness, going from my own sins to the sins that were committed against me. I have already started the year missing one Sunday service and I hope in this new year, I surpass the level I was at before, I overcome the temptations and passions which dog me, and go forth purer than before.

These are my hopes, my dreams, my plans for 2017, in all of their ambiguity. HEHE. I hope I can be more definite by the midyear review, more certain with the targets met and the ones still in sight. Pray for me.


4 comments on “Day 12: Christopher

  1. enajyte says:

    Look at Chris all grown up and 25-ing. I’m so happy for all you’ve achieved and will achieve.

    If your book is a novel you could visit and see our submission guidelines. We tough but if it’s as good as you say…


  2. LOOL..Jite, just checked out Kachifo, will shoot a mail across soon


  3. jemmyma says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Chris.

    Liked by 1 person

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