Day 13: Atinuke

I have read 30 Days of Hope for two years now and I have admired all who wrote. I didn’t have the courage to put down my hopes and dreams for the year because they often scare me. That stops now!!!!

I am grateful to God for this New Year because I believe it is different. There is a low you get to when you know there is no other place to go but the top. 2016 was very tough on my family but that is in the past and I choose not to dwell there. My Case is Different this year.

My plan for this year is simple, OBEDIENCE. I learnt from last year that life keeps happening while you are waiting. Life is not going to stop because you are mourning or because you are in debt. Life does not care that you are depressed or whatever it is you are dealing with, life just keeps going on. I have decided to stop waiting for a better time, or another opportunity to live. I will live now.

I plan to work extensively with the rescued children of Kuje. During the holidays, I worked with Woman on Purpose and discovered a lot of wrongs happening right under my nose. For example, did you guys know that twins are still being killed in Abuja today? Neither did I. Twins are being killed everyday and this NGO works to rescue the children and keep them. They feed, clothe and educate them. I enjoyed working with the children and hope to do more this year.

I plan to start and finish my ICSAN exams this year. There are four courses and I plan to take two at a time, two in June and the other two in December so help me God. I also want to attend this year’s Summer Creative Writing Course in Oxford. I have always wanted to take the course to help my writing. I plan to write more this year. I started a blog for poetry lovers two years ago; I plan to update it more with the poems I write. I also started another blog (jesusgirls) and hope to do more work on it.

Finally, the plan for this year is to go to two countries I have never been. I am going to Cape town this Easter and I am finally going to France. I always wanted to go to France with my significant other but when the opportunities came I never went. However, I have decided to be my own Knight in shining armour and take myself there. Woohooo. I turned 30 in 2016 and it was one of my greatest fears because the plan was to be married with loads of babies but I didn’t achieve that. I had a fabulous birthday though and except for the expected snide remarks from some relatives, it happened to be one of my happiest days in 2016. It taught me that no matter what happens or doesn’t happen, I will be fine, we will be fine. Having a relationship with God is the best thing that ever happened to me and having this relationship since I was 14 makes it even more special to me.

I always tell people this: no matter who you are in life, no matter what you have, sooner or later you will discover that you cannot do anything without God, I mean anything. It is better to discover and surrender sooner rather than later.

Have a blessed year everyone!!!!


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