Day 14: Toluwa


At the start of 2016 I lacked motivation to even think of the things that I wanted to accomplish; I was thoroughly deflated by the happenings of 2015. This Lackluster attitude carried on for most of my 2016; I was depressed at some point and just went with the flow. With no goals in place for 2016, the only accomplishment that gave me some sort of satisfaction was losing some of my baby weight, 19lbs to be exact.

2017 cannot and will not be anything like 2016. I will make every effort to be fulfilled at the end of 2017.

Hopeful, here are my goals.

  • I will work my way back ‘home’ and try harder this year. Somehow, my heart turned farther away from him in 2016. I tried to bring it back so many times but pride, anger and a seemingly greener pasture made it hard. If my 2017 will be anywhere near happy or fulfilled, I have to find a way back.
  • Spend more time with my children. I had too many excuses for being lazy about this. I need to be the super mom I always knew I would be!
  • Be a better friend.
  • Get my (Human Resource) PHRi & CIPM certification. I have pushed this goal for too long and I think it’s time to get off my pretty butt and get to reading!
  • Lose 30lbs (13.6kg) more this year. It will be painful and will take every measure of discipline that I have, BUT I can do this!
  • Raising a family comfortably requires 5 extra sources of income. Okay, I exaggerate but you get my point. I need to work on my business plan. Not solely for the extra income but so that I can put my passion to work.
  • I want to knock on more doors this year. Explore more opportunities. Meet more people. Research more. Learn more about myself.
  • Most of all, I hope to pray more. See, in the past, I had experienced God in great ways and so I know that my prayerlessness was a major reason I was depressed. I intend to talk to God about anything and everything whether or not He answers, I won’t let my mistakes shut my mouth.
  • I turn 30 in August! I hope to have accomplished some of these by then.

Truth be told, I am afraid of failing but I have 351 days from today to get up each time I fall.

Teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom (that I may be wise in my doings). Psalm 90:12. These words will be guide.

Have a great 2017!

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