Day 15: Abigail

I have no big expectations of 2017.
I just want it to be better than 2016. I lost two important people to 2016. I lost my beloved sister, confidant and friend to death at about the middle of the year and then I lost my very good friend to ego towards the end of the year.
I finally took the step to doing something I really love in 2016. I started a project to encourage people to read for pleasure and I have been told it is a very positive thing. I want it to be better.
I have no big expectations for 2017 but I pray for focus. I pray for focus so that I can finish everything I start without getting distracted.
I pray  for courage. I pray for courage so that I am not paralysed by my fears.
I pray for the ability to give up as lost. I cannot keep holding on to people and things that have moved on.
I pray for strength to keep sowing because only in sowing will I reap the joy that belongs to the giver.
I pray for peace in my life and in the lives of those around me because without peace I cannot stay focused.
I pray for joy that surpasses all thought. I pray for wisdom and understanding in dealing with self and in dealing with others.
I pray for the ability to relax on self judgement and expectations of perfection. Because I am imperfect and prone to sin, I owe myself forgiveness.
I have no big expectations for 2017 but  I am already being disappointed.
I just finished writing my second novel. I am hoping that it will be out in print before the end of the year. I have continued the next one and I hope I can self publish that soon. And then maybe I can work on the others too.
I got a call from a literary agent offering to put my poems into a book. If things work out, this will be my first book on poetry and it will also be out this year.
I got some friends together and we started working on GrillandRead Book 2, 2017. If everything works out as planned Grill and Read will be bigger and better than it was in 2016.
I have no big expectations for 2017 but I believe that God is greater than my heart and knows all things and so He will order my steps and meet me at every point of need.

One comment on “Day 15: Abigail

  1. zifahblogs says:

    I think it’s a good thing to keep your expectations in check while still having goals and things you hope to achieve. All the best this 2017!


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