Day 15: Temitoria

This year has been tough from the second day up until today. At the time of writing this,  I’m in a situation I never imagined I would find myself here. Still grateful.

Things are already working out despite these challenges I call distractions, my first e-book would be available for download on I’m also excited that I’m a year older today. My #30DaysHopeful entry is in form of a manifesto, it captures everything I look forward to this year.

I believe that every one has been created with the ability to surprise themselves. I believe there is great strength in you and all you need to succeed has been deposited within you. Therefore in 2017, I would connect with as many that allow me an opportunity to help them discover who they are. My greatest investment would be in people and providing them tools to help them see reasons to become who they desire to be.

I love to write, so I’ll write as frequently as thoughts cross my mind, giving out value with every post on my blog and on social media. I would make more time for the people I desperately want to help and support.

In 2017, I would depend solely on the reason for my existence and the one that has never given up on me -God. I would trust His leading to be able to do better and I would totally allow Him have his way. I would speak more of Him because the gospel is never over said or over flogged. I’m committed to becoming that light He has called me to be.

There is no impossibility this year, I would work hard at my goals and give no room for excuses. It’s more of action than talk this year. No more depending on what people say as my source of encouragement, I would find encouragement within and by looking up to the hill.

I would define relationships and stay around only productive individuals that would bring the best out of me. I love solitude, therefore I would get a lot of it and find strength in my ‘me-time’. I commit to meditating more, keeping my mind on what is important and filling my heart with things that would help me grow.

Hey! No space for over thinking garbage, if it’s not edifying, count me out! I won’t live just to satisfy some ‘Expectations’ but would see only the best from every situation. No jumping from one relationship to another, I’m done with trial and error. I won’t get myself exhausted with mere words of men, filled with rules and regulations. I’m creating my own rules.

My consistency would be excellent and I would work hard at improving it. I can’t fail! What is termed failure is extreme growth for me. Instead of failing, I would grow extremely and learn consciously. I would volunteer more and attend more events, even go as far as create one.

I’m working on a high level of positivity. My optimism would be top notch. No ‘lazying’ around. I’m committed to winning, quitting is for chickens. I would test new waters and put myself out there, it doesn’t matter what people think. Not anymore.

I commit to put my priorities in place, creating time for those that matter. I won’t let success make me scarce to those I care about. I commit to living purposefully and intentionally.

I won’t struggle for acceptance from anybody. I won’t give up till I make more than one life better. I would give my best to every person that allows me to help them in whatever way. If I can’t do something, I would admit to it instead of saying I will. It’s honesty all the way, no time to hide true feelings.

I would surmount walls and grow in leaps and bounds. So help me God!


2 comments on “Day 15: Temitoria

  1. hrh7 says:

    May it be unto you as you have said.

    Liked by 1 person

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