Day 17: Yinka

2017. How far? We’re going to have a blast this year, right? Much better than 2016, right?

Yeah, because that’s the real target this year. Every professional and creative target I have this year will be subsidiary to the decree that I must enjoy this year more than the last. 2016 wasn’t bad but it could’ve been a lot better, so this post is all about writing my own steps to happiness into existence.

First, my full-time happiness must be a priority over everyone else’s. I’ve always tried to be the one to take the hit for the team but when you find yourself doing that all the time without reciprocal effort to do the same then you end up blunting your happiness because you don’t want to be a nuisance to other people’s plans. If there’s one thing I learned in 2016, it’s that nobody is going to be able to give you the happiness you want (or should have) for yourself and the moment you realize that, you start to do things that you enjoy more irrespective of what other people think. Once I realized this and started doing stuff I wanted to do when I wanted to do them, my mood got better and I felt more positive. It also stopped me from overthinking everything happening around me which freed me to enjoy moments better, irrespective of my current issues. In 2017 I want this to not only continue but to be permanent.

Professionally, I really don’t know. I finally started trading in the NSE last year and I’ve been making money for myself, something I’ve never actually done. It’s progress, but I guess what’s really the issue is the rejection letters filling up my e-mails. Funny thing is I’m not exactly sure I want a job since I’m making money without one and as time goes by, the possibility of trading in the global markets is enticing. But having to work from home has gotten stale for me and I’m not disciplined enough for a practice with variable work hours. Idk idk idk. There’s also the option of doing a Masters’ degree. Traveling to another country would be a new experience but I’m not exactly burning with desire to put myself through classes. It’s an intriguing option but I’m keeping all my cards to my chest. Eventually one will be played.

Creatively, I need to write more. Last year I had a severe dose of writer’s block. My creative juices for whatever reason wasn’t flowing at all and every time I wrote something it was always a bit one-dimensional. I’ve already posted a poem on my blog earlier this year called Limitless and I roughly plan to drop at least two poems every month. I’m also exploring other creative expressions because it’s the only way I’ve found to blow off steam and free my mind of stuff I don’t want to keep there but I’m not comfortable telling anybody.

Speaking of which, I need more women in my life this year. While I have great women in my life already, I feel that’s a circle I would like to expand: having more ladies who I can speak to on a regular basis and having their opinion on things. I firmly believe women think differently from men (but I don’t know how to explain it so don’t ask me questions about it!) and I would love to hear their thoughts.

I’m single and searching by the way. A girlfriend would be lovely. I don’t cheat and I cook good too so… yeah. #PickMe.

Finally, I would like to exercise more (shout out to Yemi and the #MetaFitness program), & try to ration my eating because there’s too much fat in my legs. I’m the type of foodie that takes pictures of my food because to me they are works of art as much as they are … food, but hopefully I’ll fry less, eat dinner earlier and drink more tea. Maybe dieting will follow but I’m pessimistic about that.

I want to make progress in all areas of my life and enjoy doing it. That’ll make me feel better, which will motivate me to do better, which will make me be better. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Wish everybody a great 2017


4 comments on “Day 17: Yinka

  1. I can swear Yinka looks a lot like Iyana or is it just me? Either way, best wishes in this new year Yinka.


  2. I can swear Yinka looks a lot like Iyanya or is it just me? Either way, best wishes in this new year Yinka.


  3. y1nka says:

    Reblogged this on Life Through My Waters and commented:
    Every year I write down my targets for 2016 on this website & it’s been very helpful because it gives me something to reference during the year when I need reminding of what I want to do.

    Here’s this year’s version.


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