Day 18: Tamara

2016 for me was kind of Underwhelming, like all the things I hoped to get in 2016 were there but everything ended up being bleh.

I went into 2016 with a new job and bae,  what more could I have asked for, abi?  When 2016 started its dealings with me ehn, I knew say khaki no be leather!

I  did my house job with Ondo state government, for 6 months, they didn’t pay. I was frustrated, angry, disappointed in myself, in the government… depressed!!! I became a typical Nigerian government worker: irritable and nonchalant.  I had to consciously work on myself not to take it out on patients. As I’m typing this sef, the last salary I got was for July 2016. May God have mercy! Bae that was supposed to give me moral support was behaving somehow. All I needed was emotional support o and he was just not there. Relationship too ended on that note.

2016 was sha disappointing to me.

Thank God for new beginnings.

I’m still grateful for 2016 though:  I learnt money management  and then God in all his benevolence  provided my soul mate! Hallelujah somebody!!!!

Enough of the anticlimactic 2016, on to greater 2017……..

First things first

It will always be about God. As many times as I fall, I’ll continue to rise.  I do not give up on my almost non existing relationship with God.  I continue to try and build this relationship.

Seriously though,  I’m always ashamed of myself anytime I compare my relationship with God in the past and now, but I refuse to give up. I continue to try and try till I get it right. Tamara, this year don’t leave your house without spending 15 Minutes in The Word and prayers. 15 minutes is a good start.

First of all…

He met my parents a few days ago to make his intentions known to them. “I will like to marry your daughter” he said. OMG!!!  I was excited and scared at the same with all the imaginary “what ifs”.  But to God be the Glory, everything was smooth.  I thought I was excited after the whole ish until I saw him the day after. His excitement was out of the world. It was like he just passed one professional exam. So wedding bells might ring later this year.

Fit fam ish

I’m a size 14 who wants to be a size 10. But you see ehn, ayam LAZY. My love for coke too does not help matters, but this year I want to consciously work on my weight unconsciously. You know how people take the unlooking pictures? Yes, that’s how I’ll be about my weight watch. I’ve downloaded a pedometer, the target is 10000 steps per day. Let’s see how far that can get me. I hope I’ll be able to reduce my Coca-Cola intake this year o, maybe two bottles per week sha. So help me God.

Examinations and specialty

One of the things I wanted last year was to be able to choose a career path. I think I’ve chosen one: internal medicine. The next step is writing exams for residency, which I’m going to do this year and also getting placement for the residency program. My prayer is that I write all my exams once and get residency placement in good time.

Above all


That’s my watchword for this year.

One comment on “Day 18: Tamara

  1. hrh7 says:

    Hi. Try Lose it Nigerian by 9jafoodie/Ronke Shakirat Edoho. Its an amazing book and fantastic for weight loss too.
    And may it be to you as you have said.


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