Day 18: Tomboxe

When Toxic announced another season of his 30 Days Hopeful series, I was all like

“Ey you! You think you need to ask me if I want to jump on this? Huh? You think I have time for stupid fucking questions? You know my date. You know how we do, don’tcha? Don’t get on my nerves, you little punk! Now put me on the list and beat it!”

(You really need to read that like you’re an extra on the Godfather or Goodfellas [no, seriously, you do {Ooh ooh, you could do a Tony Montana voice. That’d be soooo cool.}])

Well, maybe I didn’t phrase it quite like that, but you get the idea. I was looking forward to talking about all my goals and dreams for 2017. I mean nothing could be worse than 2016, right?



It’s a day till I’m supposed to go up, and I’m not ready. Oh I’m quite hopeful for the year, but I’m also terrified. The thoughts and ideas that have risen unbidden in my mind are a weird mix of awesome and awful and I have no idea which will come to pass and which will fade into the shadows. To be honest it’s more exciting not knowing.

I know the things I want to work on. One of the few things in my life that took an upward trajectory last year was my music. I dropped an EP (The Telegraph Hill Tape) with my man @ojimadedabeat and another single (Booty Galore) at the very end of the year (no I will not stop shamelessly plugging this [Seriously though, listen to my music. Thank you and God bless]). 2017 is for moving upwards and onwards. More music. Better music. I’m exploring the things I like and making magic, and I’ve started to like the things I come up with. Every year I talk about collaborating more. Last year was the first time I actually got to do so to a significant extent. There’s more of that to come. And not just in the music.


I’m writing again. I dilly dallied for the longest time, with the obvious result of diminished quality. Well I’m back, and like Chris Tucker I’m pissed off mayne! I’ma be all up on that Mediums and writing stuff I can’t even be talmbout yet because… Well just because, really.

There are a couple other things I want to do that are mostly in my head and that I am far from sure I can. Things that are beyond my present skill set but won’t let me be. Things that may not necessarily be mind blowing, but to my mind they are audacious and I should not be trying more than my abinibi. We shall see.

There is something else. Putting out music has made me realise more than ever before the importance of stanning for things you appreciate. This year if my friend does some dope shit best believe I’m talking about it. Everywhere. I’m telling people I get into random conversations with, I’m linking people up who I think will work well together, I’m giving advice and ideas where I can. I’m pushing hard for the people I believe in. We truly are all we have. We can pay marketers and promoters and what not, but if those who claim to have our backs won’t push us then do they really have our backs? Well I for one won’t be that guy that will tell you you’re dope and will, because I’ve seen you finish, turn around and forget to let everyone I know in on the buzz. If you send me a track, a piece of writing, a design, anything, and I don’t loud it then that’s a sub right there fam. I ain’t feeling it. If it’s dope, I’m plugging, and I damn well expect people who claim to love me to do the same, without prompting.

Lastly, Twenty-seventeen is the #YearOfFinesse.

Finesse (n). Impressive delicacy or skill.
(n,v slang). An act or action of persuasion, trickery or skillful maneuver.

Whether it’s serving up new tunes or intricating (which for some reason isn’t, as I’ve used it here, the opposite of extricating) my way into a nubile Nubian’s bed, it will be skilful and impressive.

So what are my hopes for 2017?

Peace and love, fam.

Always peace and love (and kisses too).


2 comments on “Day 18: Tomboxe

  1. zifahblogs says:

    Na wa o. Everybody is just sha hiding their face one way or the other in all these 30-day posts.

    Either it’s with sunshade or with face-cap or by copying toxic’s avatar and pretending to ignore the camera,

    Don’t be shy now; peoples. It’s a new year and you’ve gotta face it courageously

    Liked by 1 person

  2. enajyte says:

    Happy birthday Tomboxe.

    Do audacious things this year. We’ll be cheering all the way.


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