Day 20: Juachi

So I didn’t buy a violin last year.

To be fair, it’s not entirely my fault – recession issues, entrepreneur problems, etc.
It’s sha paining me sha.

My mid-year review was pretty much the vibe for the rest of the year and I spent the holidays eating, drinking and napping – glorious.

Sometime in that period though, I figured out one of my flaws – I have the tendency to wait till all my ducks are in a row before I move on with plans. The Lord taught me well last year – I couldn’t write my professional exams after months of sacrificed weekends, a large batch of atelierNOYAKA tees came from the printer in such a state I had to just give them out as knock around T-shirts, deals with potential clients went *poof* ‘in my very before.’
Basically it was ‘eventful’.

So this year, my big plan is to execute all my plans or at least as many of them as possible. No stalling – just give myself time to breathe and push things through as hard as possible. I figure God’s plan will roll itself out if I just trust Him with it.

So I’m looking forward to painting, exhibitions, writing that damn exam, publish a children’s book, presenting papers, collaborations, building homes, traveling, school (again), playing the violin (even I am side-eyeing myself right now), learning 2 languages, dancing (maybe, just maybe), pottery?, love (probably, hopefully?) and just all round happiness.

And to hope for the best always even when things fall apart.


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