Day 21: Yeva

Here’s to a world of firsts… 


2016… hmmn. So happy to see you go.

So many losses, failures, trials and fears.

I lost someone.

I was tested and tried in a lot of areas and i failed woefully

I tried to travel and even failed at that. (How??)

I over promised and under delivered.

Guess what my problem was?

Analysis paralysis.

I spent too much time planning, thinking about the future and what could be but I don’t think I even slowed down for one minute to enjoy or absorb anything

I actually did.

Guess who that didn’t work well for?

But this year, things will be different, we gonn’ kill them. I’m entering 2017 with so much positivity and enthusiasm I’m almost scared.

2017 is the year of living in the moment. Yep. Just do me at the time I’m doing me.

How does it profit moi to be superman on the outside but be a mouse inside. No more.

I can’t do it all, I can’t help everyone and that’s fine. I can’t juggle two businesses and a job and multiple other projects all by myself and that’s fine!! It doesn’t make me a failure.

In fact, failing at something doesn’t make me a failure. Failure doesn’t exist in my dictionary.

No 1 point for 2017 is not being afraid. Fear is a demon mhen. You wont believe the things I was scared of in 2016. Fear of failure, fear of driving at night, fear of speaking to strangers, the list is still long.

But did i die? Nope.

– When im about to do anything no matter how small it is, i will think about that thing and that thing only. No more unnecessary mental multitasking. Every activity has its time and place.

– I will go out with friends and actively have fun going out. I will not be thinking about getting home late or the price of Uber.

  • I will put more value on myself as an individual than my assets and qualifications. It’s amazing how some of us don’t know ourselves outside what we own or outside what people call us. I love my car, my iPhone but they are just assets, they are free to be stolen or destroyed anytime. Won’t stop me from being baddass!! There was a time I didn’t have both. My identity will not be based on what I own or what people think about me but will be on who God says I am, who I say I am and the purpose God has made me for.
  • I will not struggle to be spiritual or self righteous or spend so much time in church  to cover for the no time I spend in the presence of God. That I am a christian isn’t by choice but by grace. Nothing is by my personal effort/power so I need to stop acting like it is.
  • No more hiding: I’m not going to struggle to hide my face, talents and identity. If people want to see, let them see, if they want to judge, let them judge. Everything I do in private, I’ll be able to do in public. Privacy almost cost me my integrity with some important people in 2016 and I was seen as 2 faced at some point.

– I’ll finally apply and get admitted into that prestigious MBA and trust God totally for the fees in this exchange rate.  If it will be it will be, if it will not then that’s fine, I’ll go to Unilag.

– Nobody owes me anything (still coming to terms with that). If I want something really bad, I’ll work for it really bad.

– Money comes, money goes, no more being stingy to myself in the name of savings. Inflation chopped away at my meagre savings and I was just asking who sent me messages. I would have just bought a new car when I got a good deal then. Now I can’t afford a car and I need one bad.

– I’m picking up blogging again: and

Show some loveeee!!!

I’ll learn and have Certifications to show for it… The LinkedIn tension will be real.

Earn forex: as naira isn’t smiling!

Hire staffs for my businesses: cos I cant do everything alone.

Move to another Job role at my 9-5 because I don dey tey for here!!

Reduce procrastination

Dance in public

Make a complete fool of myself (maybe not, but I should stop being uptight)

Give gifts and do stuff for people!!

I’ll set fewer goals and celebrate milestones hard.

Slay, slay Slay!!!

Here’s to deliberately and happily living in the moment this 2017.


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