Day 22: Dami

What exactly is hope anyway? What does it mean? How does one get it? Is one taught how to hope as algebra is taught in school? Do we become aware of hope as we age? Does hope increase or does it fade away?

Towards the end of last year, I asked God for a word, I got the word hope. Initially, I assumed that the Almighty wanted me to keep my hope alive, but now I realise that He wanted me to go get some. He wants me to go on a quest for hope, to hope for things that I previously assumed were impossible to have; the hope that He says makes not ashamed. When Pastor Adeboye said, 2017 was a year of marriages many people started speaking this prophecy in my direction. They have that hope for me, and I am learning to have it for myself.

I hope to impact my generation in 2017. I am about to launch a series on my blog called ‘virtuous enterprise’. The series will feature female Christian entrepreneurs who will share their stories with my readers. The aim of the series is simple; I want it to encourage others. I want young women who feel they have no options to look at these women and realise that God has made numerous opportunities available to them. I want them to boldly pursue their hopes and dreams without fear of failure. I hope this delivers the message intended. If one person’s life is transformed and put on the path to greatness, then my goal will have been accomplished.

I hope my writing project from 2016 is completed in 2017; this has been slowed down by procrastination. This year I hope to overcome that weakness especially when it comes to my writing. I believe there are so many stories that need to be told, and I hope to be the vessel through which those stories are known.

I know this does not seem like much, but for me, it is a summary of the dreams and hopes I have for 2017. It is a public archive I can return to, and it is a record of my hope, faith and determination.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines hope (v) as ‘to expect with confidence’ I think that is a great definition. I am in awe when words are defined as verbs, it means it is a process, something active, it cannot be stagnant.

So I hope that my 2017 is filled with realised dreams, I hope your 2017 is filled with pleasant surprises and open doors.

I hope when you count your blessings at the end of this year, you will have more things to smile about than you realised.

Have a fantastic 2017 xx


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