Day 23: Obianuju

Hello. Her Royal Highness Obianuju’s here to take the stage. I know olatoxic doesn’t do introductions. But for such an important personage as myself, there had to be a customized introduction. And what better person to customize my introduction than myself? Hehe.
[Toxic: *RME*]

Hi all!

I was thinking to myself last year as to how to make sure this year 2017 was the greatest year I could wish, ask & hope for and something prompted me to speak into the year.
Speaking into the year is great. And I have done that. But I also want to read myself.
Today is my cousin’s birthday. I love that young man so much and as a reminder to myself of one of the lessons he’s taught me, I chose this day because of him. One of the lessons I’ve learned from him is how to change the narrative. And that’s my entire plan for this year.

Hopes for this year

1. This year, I want to DO. I’ve got so many irons in the fire right now, I hope that I can make swords without burning myself or dropping any.
2. This year, I want romance. I want to meet that special somebody who understands that I’ll always be a little crazy, with whom I can have private jokes, laugh sessions and serious discussions, who knows that God has my heart and who cares about building our relationship the Godly way, who cares passionately about everything relating to me and expresses that care and concern in tangible ways, someone I can build with who wants to build with me, someone who understands that I am worth it. Because I am.
3. This year, I want to be happy, balanced and in control of my emotions on the average. This year, instead of throwing regular pity parties and getting pissed when people don’t attend, I want to be very happy, so happy I make others as happy as I am. Constantly.
4. This year, I want to continue learning how to sew. I want to stick to a schedule. I want to challenge myself on a weekly basis.
5. This year, I want to stay on top of my finances. I want to increase the money coming in exponentially, invest in myself and keep track of my expenses.
6. This year, I don’t want to have any hypoglycemic attacks or any sickness of any sort. At all. I want to be healthy, and happy.
7. This year, I reject struggle. I reject continual struggle because there is an easier way to do things. I categorically REFUSE to struggle. I want it, I’ll get it but I most definitely will not struggle for it.
8. This year I want to work for God. In church. I want to prioritize service to God, not being quiet about it, not doing it privately. I want to go to church and have a regular position there and I want to be someone who can be counted on.
9. This year, I want to continue with weekly oil pulling. (It’s an ancient Ayurvedic ritual that constitutes putting a teaspoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach and swishing it around your mouth for periods of time ranging from 5 minutes to 20. I tried it for 3 weeks last year. And it worked for me. Perhaps try it?)

Action plan

1. I will daily confirm if this course of action is what I want. And if I find that it is, I will keep working towards it. And praying for it.
2. Vision boarding, not only will I make a vision board of the kind of person and relationship I want, I will do my part and go on dates until I find him. Or until he finds me.
3. I will not allow toxic people access to my hopes and I will limit contact with people where the interaction is not pleasant and doesn’t serve me.
4. I’m going to sew a new design every week. Literally. And no matter how bad I am, I’ll keep on.
5. I will look to converting my ideas to something profitable. I will get a piggy bank started, invest extra every month in cryptocurrency/mutual funds. And if the government stops looking to the pension funds of people to settle its debts, I will start a pension fund.
6. I’m going to eat and eat well. I’m going to go for raw fruits and green vegetables and less of the canned and processed foods.
7. I will have a time management journal. A worksheet and I will ask myself continually, what I am working towards to be sure I’m on the right path.
8. I already have an accountability partner. I’ll try not to get pissed off when church services run too long and I’ll take my service to God with the same long suffering I’m sure God shows me when I mess up again and again. May God help me.
9. I don’t know what I’ll do. Could you suggest something?
I, Obianuju Jennifer Ayalogu, am very committed to being successful. Now, unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to His power at work within us – Ephesians 3:20.

I have no doubt that God will bless the works of my hands. I REFUSE TO BE A FAILURE. The year 2017 is going to be my year, I claim it for myself. Let it be.

2 comments on “Day 23: Obianuju

  1. jemmyma says:

    Yo!!! The energy brimming from your post is contagious!!!

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