Day 23: Ogenna

January seems so long right now and at the same time, it feels like it’s just passing me by.

My routine has been pretty much the same, wake, get the boys ready for school, drop them, come home, clean the house, forget to eat, sleep, sleep, no, really, all I’ve been doing is sleep, wake by 3, bring the boys home then go back to sleep, wake by 5 again, take a bath and find something that’ll let me drive out (I really love driving), come home by 7pm, drink (I’ve been drinking a lot, sometimes even in the morning), listen to music, then sleep again (I told you all I do is sleep).

Routine so nice,

The way 2016 ran me street, I’m not too hopeful for 2017 but my goals are;

  • Talk to God and sort out this religion thing in my head.
  • Continue to fill my “gratitude box” with notes stating why I’m grateful every day.
  • Stay fit. (No idea how but I’m losing weight so I’m just going to try and stay fit from here.)
  • Learn to swim (I’m awfully scared of water, read drowning)
  • Learn to bake.
  • Experiment with different recipes while cooking.
  • Take the plunge, sometimes I hesitate and I miss great opportunities.
  • Be nice to myself, I can’t over-emphasize this, I do not go easy on me, I don’t treat me to nice stuff, I do not love myself enough, that is going to change.
  • Write more; I have so much to say.
  • Read more; I have so much to learn and I just want to lose myself in awesome books, so if you have any eBooks you think I’ll like please

This is the year I go for service so I can’t wait to change locations and meet new people. That is all for 2017, yeah.

Lastly, I just want to live guys, urm… Bye.


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