Day 24: Nimi

I am thankful to Ola for giving me the opportunity to have done this the past few years (do I say this every year? Well get used to it, Ola).

It’s nice to look back at my post on the same date last year and remember where my head was at. I remember being on my way out and seeing the reminder email, writing the post on the train and trying not to be a downer.

So much can happen in a year.

First, that genuine belly laugh I wanted came and came in full force. I am so grateful to the people I have around me for giving me this gift, for helping me get my mojo back. My Partner In Crime & Pleasure was responsible for a lot of that, as well as the debauchery (not all of the debauchery but we don’t tell him that 😉). For 2017, all I ask is for more of it.

My second hope was to get back to sharpening my creative senses. While I didn’t do as much as I wanted to, I definitely did better than 2015, progress was definitely made. I hope for this to be even better in 2017. The plan is to be ready to self-publish by February 2018 at the latest (ok, now I’ve put this out there in the universe, fear don catch me!!)

The third was my friend. In this regard I have always been lucky for the amazing folks I have. I was good with socialising this year but I really could be better.  Not sure what all these folks ate in 2015 (well we do know!) but my circle was blessed with a lot of little people in 2016 so there are many reasons to celebrate this year, and celebrate we will!

My hope for 2017 is for things to keep getting better. It has already started off pretty damn great with a promotion I had my eye on for some time finally coming to fruition (I can’t even lie, I bloody well deserved it!). I can say I am happy even when the random tears threaten to fall. I am even trying not to be my usual realist self (some say I fall more on the pessimist side) and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

All in all 2016 was great, and I hope for thing to be even better in 2017..…if 2016 was a year of progress for me, I’d like 2017 to be transcendent. Is that asking too much?

Happy New Year folks!! As always I wish you all peace, love and vodka, with a slice of naughty on the side ;)’


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