Day 25: Denike

I mostly freestyled 2016. It had its very low lows, and its high highs. I’m going to be really deliberate this year and try to do things with purpose. January was a great test run, and I hope it gets better from here. I wrote down my goals in my journal at the beginning of the year and I’m hoping that putting them here will count more as speaking them into existence and telling the Universe what I want. I know I have to work hard at my goals, but sometimes, words of affirmation can be magical. I like to believe that there are angels in the world that grant us the random wishes we have the courage to ask for. I’m treating this year as an open book that I’m going to fill with awesome things. This very moment, I feel overwhelmed. What’s going to happen if I don’t achieve all these things I’ve set out to? Yikes. I resolved to be positive. So I’m going to be.

I’m going to be deliberate this year.
I’m going to do the best I can to make every day the best it can be.

Pick up new skills and make my CV a little more colourful this year.
Put an hour of practise into learning to code and learning SEO.
Create a website and put up a writing portfolio. Make myself look more valid.
Double my income.
Add more value to the people and companies I work for and be the best employee I can be.
Fully set up my commissioned writing company. So if you need anything written, poems, love letters, vows, essays, get at me!
Make Bookbarter really awesome.

Write everyday no matter how afraid I am.
Do that poetry exhibition I’ve been meaning to do.
Publish something every month.
Journal everyday.
Send stories to literary publications.

Save at least 70% of my income.
Look up investment opportunities and invest.
Be more diligent with my budgeting and spending.

Be a better sister.
Be a better listener and lover.
Consciously help my lover and friends be better people.

Exercise everyday.
Be able to run 5K at the end of the year.
Get rid of my huge tummy.

This year I want to live and love fiercely. I want to always pick myself up after falling. I want to push myself, think more, be more, do more. I have so much to give and I’m going to do so much. I’m going to believe in myself. I’m not going to let anything get me down. I’m going to feel fully. I’m going to defeat procrastination, manage my time well, and stop being lazy. I’m going to shine!


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