Day 26: Demisola

So… January. Everyone seems to think this month is crawling. Not here. Not at all. I can’t keep up! It’s the 26th and I’m honestly wondering where all the time went.

Started the year (as usual) full of hope and all the excitement in the world. First month has passed and urm…. Time still dey sha.

I got my first set of testimonies already. Applied for a job at NHA late last year. I’d honestly concluded I just went to Abuja for excursion because really, who is my father in this Nigeria that National Hospital would offer me a job? Like play, text message came in at 12:30am a few days ago. Great yeah? Yeah…. On to the next struggle. Deciding where I want to live/work for the next year. I’m having sleepless nights trying to decide which HJ appointment to take up. From having nothing to being spoilt for choice. Big Poppa likes to show off. My cup doth runneth over

Business has been good. If 2016 is anything to go by, 2017 ith going to be Lith! I’m hoping the good streak doesn’t decide to turn round and dump me.

Having extra sources of money is a good thing. Very good thing. Now I have to learn how to put all that into good use. Proper investments and financial wisdom. Wisdom because I hardly ever (some price tags still humble my destiny so I guess we are still good) pause before spending these days. ‘I can afford it’. My thinking has changed in a short while and I’m afraid it’ll get into my head and ruin it all. I don’t even know how to describe what’s happening. I don’t know. I don’t even know if this paragraph should be here. So yeah, Financial Wisdom.

My friend Vivian asked me and our other sister Bae to conduct an exercise earlier in the year. She also has it up on her blog at You should check it out. I’ve not done mine yet so I might as well do some of it now.

Ademisola Ikeoluwa Omotola Oyeladun Ajibike Elizabeth Balogun.

I am a daughter, sister, lover, friend, photographer, employer. These are the roles I currently play in my life.

Employee, Helper, Christian. These are the roles I hope to play this year.

Christian. This part has haunted me since forever. It’s getting stronger. I NEED to fix it.

Helper. Help someone random at least once a month. January done. This year will be the year of paying it forward. God help me.

Employee. Well on the way. Who I’ll be working for, j don’t know yet. Haven’t made a decision. But I know God’s got me… As usual.

I hope to be a better lover this year. Listen more. Help more. Understand better. Do Alakori less. Love like Corinthians described.

Friendship. Be better. Listen more. Be there. Be really there.

My family somehow believes they’re losing me. I should spend more time with them. Talk more. Accept all that love they offer instead of forming independence all the damn time.

I’ll get in trouble if I keep typing this. The side eye I’m receiving from lover man now is on a milli. Cuddle-while-watching-a-movie time shouldn’t be cut into.

I hope to take 2017 slow. 2016 was a tornado. Fun, but tornado still. I want to calm down and enjoy moments this year.

Okay. Side eye has won.


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