Day 28: Avril


A few days ago, I put on my BBM that 2017 was going to be lit and I was deluged with so many messages. People were curious especially with this recession that brought overnight bag and has refused to leave.

Anyways, I had three major goals I wanted to achieve this year –because a wise man once told me having too many goals is unhealthy— and I’ve already achieved one of them. I was going to sweat and spent late nights trying to achieve it but God is too good. This goal is top secret however. I’ll reveal it later in the year.

Goal 2: Writing. 

I know I say it every year… and each year, I barely write (see excuse above) but I’ve finally graduated and I’ve written more this year than the past two years combined. So, I’m taking it seriously. I plan to reopen my blog and post frequently. I’m also planning to enter writing competitions even if it is to mark attendance.

Goal 3: Reading. 

I’ve not been reading as much as I used to (see excuse above) and I feel bad about that. I really hope to read at least 50 books this year. I also want to start reading fiction again, just because. Knowing myself, I just need to finish one book and I won’t be able to stop reading. But how to get myself to finish that one book is the wahala. I’m definitely committed to this goal however, so I should see some progress soon.


My relationship with God… is much better. I finally have time for Him (see excuse above). I hope to finally find balance between my light and my darkness. This is my theme for the year: Balance. I don’t need happiness, just balance.

My career… has started off great. I recently started interning at this awesome company (Name withheld because they’ll come to my house to kill me if I tell. LOL. Not really.). Being a professional, organized, serious company, the employees initially seemed overambitious and empty (the working hours are terrible) and I made me promise myself that I would retain my humanity in this brutal corporate world. However, over the past month, I’ve seen a different side of my co-workers; a side that shows them as mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, friends… humans… not the corporate zombies they are pretending to be. I don’t know why I just typed this paragraph but I hope to have this career thing firmly figured out by the end of this year.

My health… has to be taken seriously. All these mysterious momentary aches have to stop. I want to take my diet seriously, exercise regularly and go for a medical check-up.

My significant other… has to be one of the most dedicated people I have ever met. I’m not looking to get married anytime soon –despite it being the first prayer point I hear from family members and my friends enjoy frequently questioning me about it. However, I want to learn more about this relationship thing and basically be Girlfriend of the Year (which I already am, anyway).

My tribe… has to grow. I want to learn to appreciate people even when their love is not as intense as mine. I want to love more, give more, be more. I hope to have a female bestie one day. Maybe that day will finally come this year.

Happy Chinese New Year, people.


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