Day 28: Damilola

Hey 2017,

I know you can tell how hard I need you to go well as you know that 2016 was kind of full of disappointment and tears though God still held my hands through it all and reminded me of his love continually. Through the disappointment and tears I did start my PhD and got to meet wonderful people so I am grateful.

So far, I can tell you are a better person than 2016. I already get to do some work for a NGO I really admire with people with way more experience that I have, get to be a part of a wonderful team of people doing something I really admire.

You would be the year I win the scholarship I have applied for twice already but did not get.

You would be the year I shall begin the grand launch into research and lecturing.

You would be the year I would volunteer more and funds won’t stop (as per 2017, 7 digits account balance….lol).

You would be the year I shall read more books than I did last year. “Shalla” to @TheReadClub.

You would make me finally have trust without borders in GOD.

You would be the one who would help me stop getting intimidated by the awesome writers I know and letting my writings leave my book.

You would mark the beginning of my travel stories.

You would let my business ideas be birthed.

You would be the year where I shall get spent helping people and contributing my quota to helping this nation.

You would make the fact that I am capable sink in.

You would be the year I hold on to the relationships that matter and people who have been there for me.

I want to say that you would let me put so much attention to my hair but we both know kolewerk.

I am also grateful to be able to do this. Thank you Olatoxic


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