Day 29: Nade

I have always lived a care-free life; as long as my belly is satisfied and I’m happy, life is good. Lately, I have begun to wonder whether there was more, because I think there should be more.

I want answers in 2017.

Still trying to find out the relationships between fate/predestination, God’s plan and man’s action. Hopefully, 2017 is when I get to have a better and deeper revelation.

In my quest for vision/purpose/ revelation, I hope to be deliberate and have fun.

I want to be happy. I want to have the time of my life in all that concern me.

And no matter what I find out about existence and purpose, these are what I expect at the end of 2017:

  1. I want to have gotten a reason for waking each morning. Something better than ‘…because it is another day to have the time of my life and eat good food’ (But what if that is the reason for my existence?)
  2. I want to have developed a closer and consistent walk with God; to be able to hear him speak and be sure of it. I want to know where I stand with him and why I walk with him. Something besides my background and stories I have been told.
  3. I want to have gotten promoted at work. Which means passing both written and oral exams; having my license endorsed and obtaining my coveted authorisation. I envision a more skilful me, who works efficiently with minimal supervision.
  4. I want to have built an investment portfolio- procured stocks and shares, dived into mutual funds, landed properties etc. I want to have started a side gig reeling in as much as my 9-5 job.
  5. I want to have gotten my 6 packs/ rock hard solid abs. I picture a stronger, yet more flexible me.
  6. I want to have surpassed my goal of reading 100 books in the year.
  7. I see a more emotionally balanced, organised me. One who is patient, and less prone to anger/meanness. I have reduced my mean sarcasm, am less impulsive, and really do like people now – even kids- and I can maintain friendships without becoming bored at a finger snap. 

Nade copy.jpg

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