2018: A Toxic Timeline

I feel like I’m bungling this thing every year and I’m becoming a little skeptical of the process. I’d probably score myself somewhere around 50% with attaining the goals I set for last year and while that is far better than I’ve done in previous years, I managed that without consciously trying to. I never even referred back to the goals after I wrote them. Terrible. I clearly need to be doing this very differently for it to matter.

So this time around, I’m going to be a lot more structured in my approach and the first step in that direction is to set monthly milestones and come up with a system that forces me to refer back to my spelt out goals and take stock on a monthly basis. However, to do even that, I need to first figure out all the things I need to achieve before I section them out into a timeline.

So here goes:

  • Revisit this post monthly
  • Write 6 new short stories. (Every other month)
  • Rebuild/repurpose this blog and website by April 1
  • Make 5 new wristbands by May 1
  • Finish painting three more murals in my apartment by July 1
  • The 30 Days Purposeful project. July 1 – 30.
  • Upload monthly (at the barest minimum) to my Youtube channel in Q1. Twice monthly in Q2 and at least thrice monthly till the end of the year.
  • Shoot a photography project by October 1
  • Travel to at least 5 new cities/countries

I guess to take this more seriously than I have in the past, I have to put this up somewhere I can see it on a daily basis. So I’m going to find a whiteboard and install it in my bedroom/studio with all these and a few more private goals spelt out on one side. Also, within the next 24hrs, I’m going to set up reminders using my google calendar, so I’ll receive the updates across all my devices.

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve never been good at working with structure the way I’ve outlined above but that’s probably because I’ve never given it a proper try. Making checklists and to-do lists have brought order and sense into areas where there was none before and I guess this is the point where I just have to scale that system up and apply it to the bigger picture. Maybe soon I’ll be making actual 5-year-plans and what not. Just maybe.


Fly-kicking my targets for 2018

3 comments on “2018: A Toxic Timeline

  1. Sirkastiq says:

    So, here’s a way you can remember to meet some of these goals. For instance, rather than say “make 5 wristbands”, you could say “make one wristband for Kelvin, another for Kelvin in February etc” And then, I’ll definitely be reminding you and no way you’ll forget

    You’re welcome.

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  2. Sounds like some amazing and fun, creative goals to me. Don’t be hard on yourself and kill the fun in it all! Just enjoy!

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  3. DeMorrieaux says:

    I haven’t been consistent in my blogging either.
    In 2017 I literally published two posts.. apologising for my tardiness lol
    Scanning through my 60-sthg drafts, I came across a write-up, linking to your “silence” post.
    I really had no idea this blog was still up too. Haha

    Happy New Year, Toks! May it be a good one 😉

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