Juachi’s Realistic Dreams


‘Waves’ – Mural Competition entry 2017, didn’t win but still, strangely, a big highlight of my year.

2017 was just crazy. Batshit crazy.

Like I want to just throw it away and pretend it never happened.

Thing is though, I had some great things happen in 2017 – professional qualification finally done (like omg finnnaalllyyyy, ugh!!!!), participated in an art exhibition (and sold some paintings thank you Lord), finished up some courses on Coursera including a specialization with certificates to show, did more work as atelierNOYAKA (not the best pay but watevs) and entered two art competitions.

All in all, not bad. I wish it went better but I’m grateful.

This year though I want to:

  • Build a residential design that’s totally mine.
  • Build prototypes for some products I’ve been developing
  • Maybe 2 art exhibitions
  • Collaborate on 2 design projects
  • Take two holidays somewhere, anywhere (that my piggybank will allow)
  • Take my first trip to somewhere in Asia
  • Improve my graphic and product design portfolios
  • Write more fiction
  • Take better care of myself on this long road to the baby girl life

I’m trying to be realistic about my dreams/goals and pay more attention to my friends as well. I’m not sure how well this is going to go but ‘we move’ and whatnot.

Have a wonderful year everyone – send me cake and ice cream when you can (or not depending on how my 2018 diet is going).

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