More Rooms – Laji


Kunle’s Uncle was loaded. Rumour had it that he was actually number 24 on the Forbes Top 100 list but discreetly paid to ensure that his name never made it to any of the published versions. His romance with his wealth was cut short by a heart attack.

Kunle couldn’t care less what his Uncle did, his mind was consumed by the 10-room mansion he had inherited from him. For all his wealth “Uncle Remi” was childless making Kunle his only heir.

It took 6 months to sort out the paperwork but now Kunle had been living in his new home for about a year and a half and was loving it.

Muna met Kunle on Twitter and had been attracted to his bants. She replied to a few of his Tweets and he slid into her DMs. They had convos every day for the last 2 months and Kunle invited her to come and check out his new house. Having nothing better to do she decided to go.

The house was magnificent. Muna tried to hide her amazement but Kunle could see behind the facade.

“Wait till you see inside…” Kunle said immodestly.

 Muna stepped into the most amazing sitting room she had seen in her life. The decor made a suite in the Burj Al Arab look like a Unilag BQ. At the very end of the room was an 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with picture quality so “real” you could smell Idris Elba’s cologne as he walked towards the screen.

 Muna couldn’t “form” anymore.

Muna: “Kunle this house is lit!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the house!”

Kunle: You won’t be seeing the rest of the house though. Kunle replied.

Muna: “Ahn, Ahn, Why nooooowww???!!!” Muna protested.

Kunle: “Because this is the only room I’ve been to in the whole house.”

Muna: “What??? I don’t understand?”

Kunle: “I was so satisfied with the sitting room that I never bothered to check the rest of the house.”

Muna: You mean you’ve been living in this 10-room mansion and this is the only room you’ve gone to????

Kunle: Yeah, I mean have you seen the finishing in this room? That TV is to die for. Why would I need to see any of the other rooms???


A lesson I learnt in 2017 is that one of the biggest hindrances to my progress is my own ignorance. Very much like Kunle, I have a huge opportunity to open myself up to fresh perspectives and new people but I’ve chosen to “stay in one room”.

A lot of times I had been so focused on who I am than rather than who I could be. I can’t afford to be ignorant in 2018, this is the best time to be alive. There’s so much relevant information at the tip of my fingers.

I have come to believe that every situation in our lives that we don’t like is a function of our level of thinking.

If we elevate our thoughts we improve our circumstances.

I’m very excited about this year and see lots of opportunities to “explore” the rooms in my “mansion”.

I could use some company so let’s do it together.

One comment on “More Rooms – Laji

  1. Licious says:

    More opportunities lie beyond our thinking..thou shall not limit yourself in 2018….count me in exploring the mansion👍


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